Several Major Companies Now have Exposure to Bitcoin through Stocks

When it comes to MicroStrategy, business intelligence continues dominating the crypto-corporate sector by accumulating more Bitcoin every passing month. Just recently, MicroStrategy acquired $177 million worth of Bitcoin in the month of August.

As a result, the investment made by MicroStrategy has brought its Bitcoin holdings to $5.3 billion. However, MicroStrategy is not the only major company that is currently investing in Bitcoin. There are several other major companies that have invested in Bitcoin and are currently increasing their holdings in Bitcoin.

The names of these major companies include Galaxy Digital Holdings, Square, and Tesla. These companies have also invested in Bitcoin in order to gain from the digital currency as its price progresses over time.

However, Michael J. Saylor, the CEO at MicroStrategy is the one who has managed to convince many major personalities to incorporate line to invest in Bitcoin. Saylor proudly claims that he was the one who pitched Bitcoin to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Saylor reportedly convinced Elon Musk to invest heavily in Bitcoin, which he did and the company ended up profiting a lot from the decision.

As of now, Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in the acquisition of Bitcoin, and acquiring 42,902 Bitcoin in the process. Tesla revealed its Bitcoin investment back in February of 2021 and as of now, its holdings for Bitcoin are worth $2 billion.

The next company holding a significant amount of Bitcoin is Galaxy Digital Holdings. The company reportedly holds 16,400 Bitcoin, which at the time of writing translates to $784 million.

Voyage Digital Limited has also made a significant investment in Bitcoin, and it has acquired a total of 12,260 Bitcoin in the process. At the time of writing, Voyager Digital’s Bitcoin holding is worth $586 million.

The next company in line is Square, which is run by Bitcoin proponent, Jack Dorsey. It is currently one of the most influential and fastest-growing digital payments companies holding 8,207 Bitcoin. At the time of writing, Square’s Bitcoin holding translates to $392 million.

Then there is Marathon Digital Holdings, which currently holds a total of 5,784 Bitcoin. The company is constantly launching its Bitcoin mining operations all over the United States and at the time of writing, its holdings translate to $276 million.

The next company is all-familiar Coinbase Global, which is the stock trading subsidiary of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. As of now, Coinbase Global is holding a total of 4,482 Bitcoin, which translates to $214 million at the time of writing. However, Coinbase Global has recently announced that it is going to spend billions in the acquisition of Bitcoin in near future.

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