Selerity Will Expand In The Coming Months

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Selerity Will Expand In The Coming Months

Selerity is a financial technology company that uses proprietary AI to deliver content and data solutions designed to automate inefficient financial workflows. The company’s clients range from sophisticated asset management firms and banks on Wall Street to innovative media and technology companies serving retail investors.

The flagship product of Selerity, Selerity Context is an AI contextual search and personalization service for platforms serving financial professionals and retail investors. Selerity Context provides personalized content based on user interests, search queries and what is happening in the world in real time.

Bitcoin News

Users of Selerity Context can now intelligently search for news, research and Twitter data on the cryptocurrency market and the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Selerity will expand in the coming months based on industry developments in the ICO market and the underlying technology infrastructure that supports digital currencies.

Selerity Context provides a search for client platforms in the capital markets and digital resources, which serve more than 73 million users, and are available through the API (application programming interface), iFrame and Symphony.

This addition to the Selerity Context will be available at the end of September.


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