Segwit Adopted By Bitfinex

Segwit Adopted By Bitfinex

Bitfinex now adopted SegWit. Those, who have invested in Bitcoin can expect to see lower fees and faster processing times. This means that any Bitfinex users will experience 15% lower withdrawal fees, and quicker transaction times across the Bitcoin network. It works by increasing block size limits, by separating signature data from transactional data in all Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin news 

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Launching SegWit opens big opportunities for Bitcoin development. The CTO of Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino said;

“As a premier exchange, Bitfinex is committed to improving its market-leading offering for our loyal and discerning customers. SegWit provides not only an immediate benefit for users, but also a foundation for future Bitcoin development. We are delighted that through this implementation we can provide our customers with Bitcoin withdrawal fees that are up to 20% lower, as well as faster than ever transaction speeds.”

Segwit provides Bitcoin wallets for users. In any case, they will need to create a new deposit address from Bitcoin page to receive SegWit address. It has been mentioned, that SegWit has been implemented only for Bitcoin, but not Bitcoin Cash.

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