Saudi Arabia Launches Metaverse Project to Promote Cultural Activities

In an advanced announcement, the Ministry of Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched a metaverse project to support preserving the country’s cultural heritage. The newly launched Metaverse project will document every event that occurred in the history of Saudi Arabia.  

The ministry confirmed that the metaverse project will promote Saudi’s cultural diversity and boost community cohesion. The metaverse project will help Saudi residents gain insight into their history from 1727. 

Saudi Arabia Launching Metaverse Cultural Universe Project

According to the report, the metaverse project will leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enable the Saudi resident to comprehend their cultural practices and beliefs. To attain the objective of the metaverse, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered into a partnership agreement with the droppGroup Generative Media. 

Under the partnership agreement, the two agreed to position the Metaverse project of Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain

In collaboration with the droppGroup, the Saudi government anticipates that launching the metaverse project will foster digital innovation while preserving people’s culture. 

Notably, the team behind the new metaverse project will integrate a first-person shooter to help users navigate the platform. The user will use a common path to obtain critical information about the metaverse project. 

Strategies to Promote Inclusivity

Moreover, the metaverse project will have multiple virtual features and voice audio documenting the historical events in Saudia Arabia. The metaverse project team plans to integrate additional language into the voice audio to reach a large audience.

Besides the voice audio, the metaverse project will incorporate music, arts, and crafts explaining the heritage of Saudi Arabia. 

According to the report, the proposed metaverse project will have multiple video game features to keep the user entertained. This implies that the metaverse project will reflect on the community’s way of life in Middle Eastern countries. 

To ensure the newly launched metaverse project attracts a large audience, the government of Saudi in collaboration with the droppGroup, will create a mobile application for this initiative. This implies that the metaverse project will be available on various platforms, including virtual reality headsets, websites and other digital tools. 

During the launch of the Cultural Universe, the Ministry of Culture demonstrated its commitment to promoting inclusivity in Saudi Arabia. In the report the ministry stated that the metaverse project will allow diverse communities to explore the history and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia Invests in Metaverse Projects to Revive Economy

Additionally, launching the metaverse project mirrors the role and responsibilities of the country’s Ministry of Culture. A review of the ministry website demonstrated that the government of Saudi Arabia has tasked the agency to promote and preserve the country’s cultural heritage. 

The ministry is expected to launch a project promoting the artistic work of the Saudi residents. Based on the need to attain the ministry’s core objectives, the agency believes that the newly launched metaverse project will transform the culture of the people of Saudi Arabia.

Role of Metaverse in Economic Development

An announcement conveyed by the chief executive of LanVault, Samuel Huber, stated that the Middle East region has demonstrated a growing interest in metaverse projects. The CEO admitted that Saudi Arabia has surpassed the era of hype of metaverse initiatives. 

He believes that the impressive growth of the metaverse project in the Kingdom of Saudi challenges the government to capitalize on this technology to revive the economy. The executive envisioned that the metaverse would be used to create 3D experiences in future.

With the unstable economies, the local governments in the Middle East region have focused on digitalizing the infrastructures to restore the ailing economies. Huber noted that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are leveraging advanced technologies, including AI, blockchain, and metaverse, to create more opportunities for their citizens.

Currently, the Middle East countries are investing heavily in metaverse projects to stimulate economic growth. In May 2023, the Ministry of Economy in UAE launched a third office in the metaverse to boost the country’s economy.

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