Sallix Capital Review – A Brokerage Combining Traditional Trading With Advanced Trading
Sallix Capital
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Sallix Capital is a broker for trading online through a quality and user friend online trading platform. You can read our Sallix Capital review today to learn all about them. We have given them a score of 4.7/5. You can visit their website and sign up through the link below to start trading.

Sallix Capital Review

Sallix Capital logoIt was in the early 21st Century when the internet went commercial globally and changed the entire world once and for all. Many things that were once available in the real-world became available through the internet platform.

There was a time when trades were only done by those who had inherited them from their ancestors. With time, as the internet expanded, online trades started emerging, which the common person could use to their benefit and start making profits. Today, I will be sharing my Sallix Capital review to let you know exactly how the brokerage is bringing change to the online trading world.

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Current Situation of the Online Trading Industry

With the passage of time, the online trading industry has grown so big that it currently caters to more than 150 million people from all over the world. As the condition of the world, its economy, and its systems change more people are shifting from the real-world to the online world with hopes to find more profits in the online trading sector.

This is when the online trading business is sky-rocketing and experiencing all-time highs in demand and provision of services. There are thousands of online trading brokerages that are in the market claiming to be the best and providing the most reliable, and secure trading environments to the investors.

Unfortunately, all these claims turn stale as soon as a new client joins them and finds the reality that these brokerages are only after their money and investments. Such brokerages have no intentions of living up to the expectations of claims they make to lure people.

This maneuver has been adopted by a majority of the online trading brokerages that have been launched in the past couple of years. These brokerages have not only hampered their own reputation but also hampered the image of the entire online trading industry.

Sallix Capital’ Struggle to Earn Back the Lost Respect

Over the years, such online trading brokerages with bad intentions have continued to emerge and are being launched to this day. However, online trading brokerages such as Sallix Capital have been trying their best to become the retainers of the respect and trust that the online trading industry used to have in the past.

According to surveys, the majority of the investors in the online trading industry are above the age of 40 while millennials’ percentage in the online trading industry is even less than 20%. This means that when these people grow old, they will not be doing trades and the youths after them would follow their elders, and thus, the online trading industry would face a demise.

Sallix Capital is one of the online trading brokerages that are trying to bring back the trust and respect that the online trading industry has started losing because of bad experiences. Alongside the major online trading brokerages, Sallix Capital is determined to provide investors with all the opportunities, services, benefits, tools, and support they need in order to enjoy a profitable journey in the online trading sector.

The brokerage is determined to educate the new and old investors alike to ensure they become more independent and empowered in the online trades, and start making their own decisions while trading. Sallix Capital is a brokerage that is known for sticking to the roots of traditional trading as well as offer investors futuristic and innovative ways of trading.

I shall now layout some of the major and most prominent services that Sallix Capital is known for providing investors that distinguish it from the rest of the average online trading brokerages.

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Online Trading Instruments

In the online trading industry, the majority of the online trading brokerages stick to only a single trading instrument. They do it because they are least interested in aiding investors with their trades as they are only interested in their money so why go through all the trouble of having teams for each trading instrument.

On the other hand, Sallix Capital is dedicated to providing investors with as many trading options as possible through the trading instruments. It gives investors the opportunity to choose the asset of their choice to invest and receive guidance from the teams of experts in financial management, trading, and analytics.

At Sallix Capital, the investors are always guided with the right approach and aim, which is to increase their knowledge and polish their trading skills. At present, Sallix Capital provides investors with trading instruments such as Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Forex, and Commodities.

From these instruments, there are more than 200 assets that Sallix Capital provides users with support and assistance. No matter the trade the investors choose, they will always have support from the team of experts per asset to guide them along the way.

Online Trading Accounts Offered by Sallix Capital

When it comes to offering online trading accounts, the majority of the online trading firms tend to provide a demo-trading account and a real-time trading account. Such brokerages expected the investors to gain all the experience in online trades through the demo-trading accounts where there is a sandboxed version of the real-time trading markets.

Despite providing investors with a demo-trading account, such brokerages do not provide investors with real-time support and educate them in the online trades, trends, maneuvers, tips, or tricks. On the other hand, Sallix Capital does things in a completely different manner as it offers investors a number of online trading accounts that are suitable for the investors as per their trading experience and knowledge of the markets.

At present, Golden Stocks provides investors with five different types of online trading accounts that include Essentials, Micro, Standard, Premium, and Premium Pro online trading accounts. Each account comes with a different minimum deposit requirement starting from Essentials and going all the way up to Premium Pro.

Services Offered through Trading Accounts

Based on the type of trading account the investors go for, they gain access to services and benefits such as up to 1:150 leverage, lot sizes from 0.01, pips all the way down to 1.1, trading signals, and free VPS. Furthermore, the investors have access to services such as trading education, access to exclusive events, quarterly analyst sessions, and commissions/bonuses.

Furthermore, the investors are also provided with full support from the customer support managers and personal account managers whose sole responsibility is to make sure that any investment made by the investor brings in profits and stays positive.

Trading Methods Offered by Sallix Capital

This is the part where Sallix Capital takes things to the next level for investors. At present, the majority of online trading brokerages provide investors with just one option that is to let them trade manually. In this case, the investors are required to do everything from start to end.

It is the investors that have to make the deposit, monitor the markets, keep an eye on the markets, and call the shots. This is one of the most basic and traditional offerings made by the online trading brokerages but Sallix Capital does things differently and offers investors a couple of unique options:


When it comes to algo-trading, all the investors are required to do is to make the deposit and investment, and the rest of the trading activity is performed by trading bots. These trading bots are designed and developed using algorithmic and complex calculation technology and maneuvers.

In algo-trading, the bots gather all the trading data for the asset of investors’ choice, run analysis on it, generate signals, run investment scenarios, and go for the best position, and investment option. The algo-trading functionality makes the lives of the investors much easier and convenient as they do not have to worry about making any investment decisions and let the bots take care of the trades.

However, the best thing about algo-trading is that the investors can always take the chargeback if they want to and start doing trades manually.

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ETF Trading

There used to be a time when the investors had the option of choosing a single online trading instrument. To be honest, the investors were bound to choosing only one trading instrument at a time. However, Sallix Capital has come up with a unique way to change this trend as it now offers investors the opportunity to go beyond just one online trading instrument through ETF trading.

In ETF (exchange-traded-fund) trading, the investors can invest their money and capital in more than one online trading instrument at a single time. This way, the investors can gain more from their investments and keep the profits flowing through different trading markets.

Online Trading Platform Offered by Sallix Capital

Nowadays, there are many online trading brokerages that tend to provide investors with a low-end trading platform. There are many online trading startups that have started developing and launching their own online trading platforms that are below standards and need a lot of quality and security checks to be made before they can put up for trading.

These platforms lack the proper tools, functionalities, and features that can help investors gain the most out of the online trading markets.

However, Sallix Capital provides investors with the most reliable, secure, user-friendly, and unique online trading platform that is the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. MT4 has been around in the online trading industry since 2005 and still is the most prominent and most adopted online trading platform in the industry.

Even some of the major online trading brokerages also stick with MetaTrader 4 platform because of the tools and the functionalities it offers.

Tools/Features Offered by MetaTrader 4

The MT4 trading platform is known for providing investors with the most user-friendly, comprehensible, and convenient trading environment. The tools/features that the platform offers include algo-trading, multi-language support, full customization, advanced charting system, advanced reporting, historical reports data, trading signals, daily market news, price alerts, single-click executions, trade indicators, and much more.

MetaTrader 4 Platform Compatibility

While the majority of the firms that have MetaTrader 4 tend to offer it only through Windows or Mac browsers, Sallix Capital offers it through all the options that would prove extremely convenient for the investors.

Apart from offering MetaTrader 4 trading platform through browsers, Sallix Capital also offers MT4 terminals through Windows and Mac. Furthermore, the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform is also available on Android-based and iOS-based devices.

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Deposits & Withdrawals through Sallix Capital

When it comes to money and finances, Sallix Capital is as skeptical and sensitive as the investors as to ensure that investors are offered the most reliable and secure payment methods that are trusted all over the world. Sallix Capital provides users with the two most prominent options for making deposits where the first one is through Bank Wire Transfer and the other one is through Credit/Debit card (Visa/Master).

When making a deposit through bank wire transfer, the minimum deposit requirement is $1,000, which reflects into the investors’ Sallix Capital account in 1-2 business days. As for deposits through credit/debit cards, the minimum deposit requirement is $250 and the money reflects instantly. The deposits at Sallix Capital can be made either in USD or EUR.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, the investors can choose the same options used for making deposits plus two more methods that are Bitcoin wallet and NETELLER. If the investors choose to go with a withdrawal method other than bank wire transfer then the money is a transfer within 3 to 5 business days. On the other hand, the processing time for bank wire transfers is 5 to 7 business days.


  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Adherence

Under the KYC guidelines, Sallix Capital ensures that it collects the personal identification information (PII) of the investors as they join the platform. Then the platform continues to update the PII of the investors from time-to-time to keep running background checks on the investors to ensure they are not involved in any criminal, money-laundering, or terrorist funding activities.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Adherence

Under the AML guidelines, Sallix Capital makes sure that every transaction flowing in and outside of the platform is monitored and thoroughly investigate if it is considered high-risk. Sallix Capital doesn’t want to get involved in any illicit or criminal activities both intentionally or unintentionally.

The firm takes all necessary measures to ensure no profile or investor on the platform is being used to perform anti-money laundry or terrorist funding activities. If the firm does establish an illicit transaction, it reports them to the concerned regulatory authority right away.

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Customer Support at Sallix Capital

Sallix Capital is always vigilant and ready to fulfill the needs of the investors if they are related to the platform and trades. No matter the time, if an investor has any query, whether minor or alarming, they can always get in touch with Sallix Capital’ 24/7 customer support either via chat support (through the website), landline, or email.

The customer support teams on either of the channels are very supportive, professional, empathetic, and experienced. They ensure that the investors are provided with prompt responses to their queries without causing any delays.

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