Royal C Bank Review: Invest in Profitable Cryptocurrencies in a Secure Manner

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A quick Google search will reveal a ton of cryptocurrency brokers that are ready to offer you their services if you are interested in making an investment. But, if you have done any research, then you are aware that a number of these brokerages were hacked and people suffered as a result. Similarly, not all of them are fully legitimate either, which has given rise to scams. Many traders lose their money because they invest with the wrong broker. You certainly want to avoid this and the only way to do so is to find a broker that fulfills your needs the right way.

This means that you look for a broker that can meet some specific criteria, which makes it easier to trust them. Royal C Bank is one such brokerage that can do the job. It is able to satisfy the requirements that most traders have when they are looking for a broker to begin their trading journey or to take it further. What are these requirements? The most prominent and essential ones are outlined below:

Regulation: Your First Priority

The first priority of any trader during their search for a broker is to consider regulation. Would you want to associate yourself with a broker that’s unregulated? Most people will refuse to do so because it is a major risk and no one wants to put their hard earned money at risk. Royal C Bank is aware of how people feel about regulation and so the broker has opted to be regulated by the Financial Commission. They obtained membership in July 2019 and have displayed the certificates on their website for your perusal. They are regulated under Category A, the highest option for brokerages. This ensures that they follow ethical practices in all their dealings and offer compensation to their clients.

Security Which Should Be the Best

As stated earlier, the world of brokerages is full of scams and risks and so traders are hesitant in signing up with a broker, particularly if they don’t have a strong technological infrastructure. This is one area where Royal C Bank doesn’t disappoint  is customers at all. The broker has employed the highest form of encryption for ensuring no data is used by third parties or cyber criminals. Even employees have to have authorization to access information. As for fund security, under FinaCom regulations, the broker keeps its accounts separate from its customers. Money is kept segregated with top tier investment banks for the highest security.

Variety of Assets to Invest In

When choosing brokers, traders will also consider the asset index. Yes, you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and if you have kept up with the market, you are aware that it is a lot more than Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin is out of reach for a lot of people due to its price. However, there are numerous other options to be explored for a diversified portfolio. Royal C Bank not only offers Bitcoin, but has expanded to Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum etc. The broker only adds promising crypto coins to its portfolio to help its traders in keeping risks at a minimum and maximizing profits.

Registration Process: How Simple It Is

The long and drawn out process of signing up with a broker can often be a hassle for newbie traders. You don’t want to wait for long to get started with buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You could be missing out on important trends with every hour and this can be quite frustrating. Knowing this, Royal C Bank has ensured that their registration process is quick and smooth. You just have to dedicate a few minutes by sharing your name, email and other such essential information and you are good to go.

Various Options of Accounts

One of the aspects in which Royal C Bank seems to have outdone itself is in regard to account options. The broker has stayed diverse here as well and have come up with a wide array of options. They are designed for the convenience of traders of varying backgrounds. Every account has its own offerings from Welcome bonus, education, customer support, account managers, price alerts, trading signals and a lot more. The deposit requirements increase with every account as they are based on experience of traders, but to get started you only need to have $250, which is reasonable. The account options to be explored are Basic, followed by Beginner, Medium, Advanced and PRO. There is a VIP offering, but this is only applicable to certain traders.

Banking: The Deposits and the Withdrawals

The ability of making deposits and withdrawals also has an impact on the choice of a broker. Would you want to sign up with one that takes days to process your requests? Probably not. People want access to their money as quickly as possible and Royal C Bank has made sure this demand is met. When it comes to banking options, the forex and cryptocurrency broker offers various methods of making deposits and withdrawals. This gives flexibility to traders because they can choose an option that meets their requirements in terms of speed and costs. You can go with bank transfer, use debit or credit card or simply choose online transfer methods. The minimum deposit amount is stated above and for withdrawals it is $100. Deposits are free of cost, but withdrawals may have some charges, which will depend on the method used.

Customer Service At Its Best

This is also an important consideration to make because you want to be able to get help and assistance when required. If you are new to the trading world, you are likely to get stuck at some point and need help. You want the broker to be available or else your trades will be delayed and can lead to losses. Royal C Bank has developed an FAQ section where the broker has answered common questions that traders have. If you want direct communication, several channels are open including, email and live chat. Phone numbers can also be used if you are after a quick response.

In this way, Royal C Bank fulfills the right criteria and enables everyone to trade cryptocurrencies easily.

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