Ripple Joining Hands with Crypto Climate Accord for the Sake of Decreasing the Blockchain Carbon Footprint

According to the latest development, the Blockchain ledger technology provider Ripple has joined the crypto climate Accord. This type of initiative will help decarbonize the cryptocurrency and blockchains that carry all the records for these cryptocurrencies per se. This list also contains a bunch of other honorable mentions, such as CoinShares and the Ethereum development studio known as ConsenSys. The main initiative of all the members who have signed up for the crypto climate accord is to power all the blockchains using green energy by 2025. Another element that was addressed during this set of events is that the Co2 emission will also be reduced to zero by the year 2040. 

Initiatives of XRP and others Joining Green Energy to be Completed by 2025

According to the CEO of Ripple, this goal is nothing less than an audacious attempt to have a greener and brighter impact on our environment and the resources that we breathe in. It might be over-ambitious, but it is perfectly doable. There is, however, a need for more innovations and initiatives like this if cryptocurrency is to win the hearts of capitalists and environmentalists around the world. Because at the end of the day, it is Earth we are talking about, and decreasing one’s carbon footprint means that bringing stability and conformity to our ecosystem.

When this development is finally in the works, and a timeline has been given out, which is for the year 2025, the questions are routing out into the crypto market about the most beloved currency, Bitcoin commencing into the same changes as many other cryptocurrencies seem to be doing at the moment. But as of now, there are no details that are brought further as the king of all cryptocurrency would be doing this incredible environmental chain or have some other initiatives to work with. 

XRP seems to be taking the lead in these initiatives as it is a pre-mined cryptocurrency, and only last September did it also join the non-profit energy web, which is kind of putting one’s motives about favoring green revolution out there, which many cryptocurrencies are not doing at the moment.

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