Ripple Co-Founder Paid $4M to Install 1,000 Cameras Around San Francisco

Ripple Co-Founder Paid $4M to Install 1,000 Cameras Around San Francisco


Chris Larsen, who is the Ripple co-founder has paid around $4 million to set up 1,000 high resolution cameras on the streets of San Francisco.

As The New York Times has announced, Chris Larsen has made a decision to execute the task having an objective to fight against crime, and particularly robbery.

Larsen has noted that he is confident this step can serve as another way of security system in the city. As NYT reports, even though the city has a low rate of violent offences, yet, crimes that are related to property are a serious “pain” for lots of residents in San Francisco.

The project includes over 135 blocks of San Francisco. Larsen is paying for internet access at several police stations as well, as he’s sure lots of them do not have proper internet connection.

It’s worth noting that recently, in an interview with Wall Street Journal, Chris Larsen claimed that the US has been moving slowly regarding experimenting, implementing, as well as regulating crypto industry and the blockchain technology at all.

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