RIMINI Becomes The First Football Club Brought Via Cryptocurrency

RIMINI FC, the team in the lower tier of Italian football, was the first club to be acquired using cryptocurrency. This news is the latest in a series of cases of accepting crypto urrency in football and the general sports world. Recently, several English football teams signed a partnership with eToro to learn the use of bitcoins to facilitate the transfer of players.

The purchase takes place as part of the investment of the club in Quantocoin, which is currently in the ICO stage. RIMINI FC participates in the ICO of Quantocoin in exchange for the sale of 25 percent of its shares to Heritage Sports Holdings (HSH) and its partner Quantocoin.

For its part, both Quantocoin and HSH are not alien to the merger of cryptocurrency and football. The investor Quantocoin Pablo Dana also owns Gibraltar United, which recently went down in history as the first football club that accepted cryptocurrency as a means of paying players.

Thus, the growth of notable events occurring at the intersection of football and cryptocurrency is observed. Famous players and former players such as Ronaldinho, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol, either launched or approved cryptocurrency projects. In addition, during the recently concluded FIFA World in Russia, some hotels allowed fans to pay for their accommodation using bitcoins.


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