The Revival Of The Blockchain-Project Vulcano

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The Revival Of The Blockchain-Project Vulcano

Vulcano ($VULC), a cryptocurrency platform based on masternode and proof of stake, is back again after abandoning the original developers and is quickly turning into a business precedent.

With a strong focus on the community, the new Vulcano team intends to make the blockchain platform a community-based platform for promoting research rather than focusing on the “high coin rate.” Vulcano is committed to using DLT and distributed consensus to help contribute to fundraising to advance technologies based on earth Sciences such as geothermal energy.

To meet the current evolutionary trend in the crypto space, the former volcano core will be upgraded to Bulwark as a codebase.  Bulwark is built on PIVX, which itself is built on the popular DASH network.

This leap step gave Vulcano the ability to use features such as masternode and proof of stake to support the Vulcano ecosystem.

Earlier in August 2018, this new code was released, the exchange was conducted through exchanges, and the new packaged platform is now available for use by its users.


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