A Review of the Atecs Capital Trading Platform

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Does cryptocurrency trading need a special trading platform or a usual one is enough to perform in this fast-paced environment? Atecs Capital, a popular cryptocurrency broker, had developed its own platform and today we’ll try to examine some of the features that come with it. Whether or not its functionalities are enough for you will depend on your assessment, so without further a due, let’s see what this company is providing.

User-friendly to open trades quick

The Atecs Capital online trading platform comes with a simple structure, as the company wanted to make cryptocurrency available for the wider public. Opening a trade is a few clicks away since a trader only has to set the order size, click the sell or buy button and then confirm the trade. There’s also the one-click trading feature, which once activates, the order will be opened once the client clicks sell or buy, without any other confirmation required.

Atecs Capital

Advanced charting

With charts powered by TradingView, applying technical strategies for cryptocurrencies is much easier. There are 9 different time frames, 7 chart types, tens of price indicators and plenty of drawing tools. Atecs Capital clients also have the ability to create and save templates, meaning they won’t need to add their favorite indicators each time they want to trade a particular cryptocurrency pair. All the charting features serve one important purpose: to help traders understand why the market moves in a particular way and based on that, to anticipate future moves.

Significant trading features

When it comes to leverage, the range is between 1:2 and 1:5, depending on the cryptocurrency pair. The maintenance margin, as a result, is 2% or 5%, much better compared to traditional brokerage companies who offer contracts based on cryptocurrencies, where you’ll get a margin call at 30%.

Other than the features already mentioned, the Atecs Capital platform allows traders to place price alerts, which means they won’t need to monitor prices on a constant basis. Reports, heat map and market trends are three other important features, while the popularity bar located below the buy button shows how other traders are trading each cryptocurrency pair.

It’s interesting to realize how the company managed to integrate a wide range of features into a platform that looks very simple at a first glance. Will it be a platform suitable for all traders? That’s a subjective matter, unfortunately, which is why we encourage you to test it and see whether it really performs at its peak when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

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