Retail and Institutional Investors to Gain Access to Web3 ETF Provided by Bitwise

Bitwise Asset Management had a major announcement to make on October 3 for both retail and institutional investors.

Bitwise Launches a New ETF

Bitwise has announced that it has launched a new exchange-traded fund (ETF). Both the retail and the institutional investors would be able to benefit from Bitwise’s latest move.

This way, Bitwise is gaining more ground in cryptocurrency and becoming more adaptable for retail and institutional investors.

Through the new ETF, investors will be able to gain and benefit from Web3 technology. These investors would get to see how the Web3 industry is growing and will continue to grow, and how they will be able to generate benefits from their interactions.

Retail and institutional investors would also be able to get their companies to gain access to Web 3 technology and its growth.

The investors interacting with the ETF would be able to position themselves better in the world of Web3 technology.

Statement by Bitwise Asset Management

Bitwise also issued a statement following the launch of their ETF. It stated that the future of the internet would eventually shift to the platforms and projects being launched through Web3 technology.

Through Web3, none of the users would be required to provide their personal or financial information. Instead, the users can interact with Web3 just like they interact with decentralized platforms.

The users can have full authority over their personal and financial information without being bound to share it with anyone else.

Information on the ETF

Bitwise has announced that the ticker for their new ETF is BWEB, which reportedly tracks the Bitwise Web3 Equities Index.

Out of the total exposure, the companies would gain, 85% of exposure that the companies would be able to gain would be for activities involved in Web3 business.

The companies and investors would be able to gain access to a creator economy that would be enabled by Web3. The users would also gain access to digital worlds, metaverse enabled with Web3, finance, and Web3 infrastructure.

Statement by Hunter Horsley

The CEO of Bitwise, Hunter Horsely was glad to talk about their company’s latest offering to all kinds of investors. As mainstream crypto adoption is in the crawling phase, it is the best opportunity for them to adopt it and offer it to the institutional sector.

Being able to offer such a utility to the institutions in the early stage of mainstream crypto adoption would help their company gain strong ground in the sector.

This would further strengthen the foundation of the cryptocurrency industry making it convenient for institutional investors to adopt crypto.

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