Research: EOS Is A Cloud Service, Not A Decentralized Network

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Research: EOS Is A Cloud Service, Not A Decentralized Network

In fact, the EOS blockchain is not a decentralized network, but a cloud service with a bandwidth much lower than the stated values, according to the initial results of the EOS study conducted by Whiteblock. During November, the company promises to conduct a live broadcast of the tests.

The company Whiteblock graduated from the multilateral examination of the blockchain network EOS. The test results indicate significantly lower throughput, officially announced, according to an official press release. The head of studies of EOS, was Brent Xu, senior project Manager of the company ConsenSys.

For research professionals Whiteblockck managed to replicate the network of EOS. In the future, the copy was used for stress testing and testing for common errors. The company evaluated various metrics, including throughput, network resilience to adverse conditions, impact on the network from transactions of different numbers and sizes, average time for translation execution, and fault tolerance.

The results of the study reveal inaccuracies in the claimed performance of EOS and the fact that its system is built on an erroneous, not decentralized model, according to the Whiteblock report.

In November, the company plans to conduct a live broadcast of EOS network testing.

The launch of the main EOS network took place on June 6, after which enthusiasts began to find a lot of bugs in it. The project invariably takes the highest place in the monthly ranking of blockchain networks, which is prepared by the Chinese government Institute.


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