REQ Token Skyrockets Following Coinbase Partnership – Where to Purchase REQ?
  • REQ token trades at $0.6591 for now.
  • The crypto has surged 187% over the past 24 hours.
  • Here is a guide on how you can invest in REQ tokens.

Request (REQ) has recorded a monstrous bullish rally over the past sessions following the announcement by Request Network on partnering with Coinbase. The token gained nearly 200% immediately after publicizing the partnership deal. Moreover, REQ maintained its bullish momentum till now.

Do you want to try your luck with this coin? Well, you can use this token to understand how to buy, hold, or sell the REQ crypto. This content has you covered.

Where to Buy REQ?

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About REQ Token

REQ is an ERC-20 and Request Network’s native crypto. If you have never heard about Request Network, it is not something new. It is an ETH-based decentralized platform that allows you to request and receive payments without intermediaries. The network uses REQ as its utility coin.

Request Network uses IPFS and Ethereum to upgrade privacy, data ownership, and security for its customers. Moreover, it plans a collaboration with Sandbox to automate Sandbox payments.

Should You Invest in REQ Token?

If you want to invest in crypto that has had a massive bullish run, you might consider investing in REQ tokens. However, do not forget about the volatility involved with cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that digital coins often record massive surges after deals with cryptocurrency exchanges. Meanwhile, the REQ token has maintained its bullish momentum after the partnership. However, will it be a long-term scenario? Keep in mind that analysts remain optimistic on REQ Token while awaiting the network’s collaboration with Sandbox.

REQ Price Forecast

For now, market players highly anticipate the collaboration between the Sandbox and Request Network as the metaverse craze intensifies. Analysts expect the deal to propel REQ towards record-high prices, targeting $1.18.

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