Q9 Capital Win Regulatory Approval From Dubai To Become Provisional Virtual Asset

Q9 capital, the crypto investment platform, has recently struck gold as it expands into Dubai. Dubai has recently been making strides in becoming one of the biggest crypto cities in the world, as the city become much more crypto friendly.

In their most recent effort to expand their base of operation, the crypto trading platform has moved to Dubai. As the next blossoming crypto city in the world, it only makes sense that the firm would try to move in there first.

However, before the firm can start offering its services throughout the city, it first needs an operating license. This operating license shows that the particular firm complies with the rules and regulations of the VARA ecosystem.

The company has even made a public statement after receiving its license saying that they are very grateful for receiving the license. They also mentioned that they will try their best to be a valuable addition to VARA’s ecosystem.

Along with being the body that governs and regulates cryptocurrencies in Dubai, VARA also happens to be the first independent regulator in the world. While most of the regulation efforts in the world that have come about have been from independent countries, that could soon change.

Becoming part of one of the biggest crypto exchanges on the platform

The first thing that most people who were using the platform saw was that Q9 could easily get the license. As one of the most professionally made crypto platforms on the planet, it focuses on giving people plenty more features and offering them a multitude of unique options to make their investments in.

As more and more people become comfortable with trading, Q9 understood it had to make its move into Dubai quickly, before the market starts to saturate.

People Can Now Use the Q9 Platform

As soon as the crypto market has become more mainstream, various types of cryptocurrency platforms tend to stand out. The Q9 platform can now allow users to use the platform as they wish, which is to execute and create strategies and products.

They will also be able to build and access a wealth of investment portfolios that are currently present in Vara’s framework. Of course, distributing these portfolios will also be very important, which is why they have made it very clear that they will be distributed in a fair and transparent manner.

A Similar Trend for Expansion

The expansion of Q9 into different countries like Dubai is nothing new and is just a sign of things to come. With time many more companies will start making their way into countries like the UK, the UAE, and Singapore thanks to their friendly nature towards the entire market.

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