Pundi X Gets PayPal into Blockchain

Pundi X Gets PayPal into Blockchain


The blockchain firm Pundi X announced PayPal support for its point-of-sale device, the XPOS.

As the company reports, the XPOS, which is deployed in more than 30 countries worldwide, has been providing scores of brick-and-mortar stores with another payment system to cash, giving an option to operate on the blockchain safely & effectively.

The integration will be implemented in 2 steps, with retailers in the United States. It is set that the PayPal app will be integrated onto all XPOS devices in 2 weeks.

Co-Founder & CEO of Pundi X, Zac Cheah has mentioned that to support PayPal in XPOS is certainly an exciting step for Pundi X. He noted that this will increase the confidence towards Pundi X, at the same time, moving the blockchain usage closer to the mainstream.

In addition, Zac Cheah stated that they have always been confident in crypto having different benefits that fiat currency doesn’t have.

Pundi X stated that basic features of the online finance platform will operate on XPOS devices.


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