PrimeCapitec Review – Trading With Complete Peace of Mind

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It has become a widely accepted fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and their profit potential is drawing thousands of people to the market. In 2017, people earned massive fortunes overnight with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reaching their peak. Most people are interested in replicating that success and so they are eager to participate in the market. Plus, entering the trading world also gives them the opportunity to invest in various financial instruments that can help them diversify their portfolio. The question is how do you get the ball rolling? This is where a broker comes in.

Brokerages are your middlemen and they connect you to the market and give you the tools needed for trading. With the rise in popularity of trading, the number of brokerages has also shot up and while this means that you can get better options, it also increases the confusion. It can become difficult to figure out which broker would be the right fit for you. In addition, with the number of scammers out there, there is always a risk and people are constantly worried about losing their information or money. This can hamper their decision making skills and prevent them from fully focusing on their trades.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could trade without these worries? Yes, it would and this is exactly what you can do with PrimeCapitec. Crewire Holdings Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, introduced the brokerage in March 2020. This means that the brokerage is a relatively new one, which causes people to hesitate in signing up with them. The broker is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive option to traders for investing in the assets of their choice. It is primarily a cryptocurrency and forex trading broker, but has added other CFDs for the convenience of its clients.

What makes PrimeCapitec a good choice for you? Read on to know what they are offering:

  • A web-based trading platform that’s easy to use

When you are new to trading, you don’t want to navigate a complex platform that involves a lot of technicalities. You need something simple that gives you access to the necessary feature without compromising on performance. PrimeCapitec has come up with the ideal solution through its proprietary trading platform. There are no worries about downloading and installation as the platform is accessed through the browser. It is enriched with powerful trading tools that are easy to access and implement and help traders invest in multiple assets simultaneously. Both beginners and experienced traders will find the trading platform suitable for their needs.

  • Effective security policies

PrimeCapitec is fully aware of the security risks in today’s market and so they have taken measures to mitigate them as much as possible. Compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies is one way of doing so. These policies are aimed at creating a secure environment for the traders. With the KYC policy, the broker is able to check and confirm the identity of anyone who signs up with them, ensuring that no scammers can get in. The AML policy is useful for eliminating the use of third-party accounts, which can prevent financial crimes.

  • The opportunity to diversify portfolio

Anyone with even a little bit of trading knowledge is aware that one of the best ways of minimizing your risks is through portfolio diversification. Investing in multiple financial instruments can ensure that if one instrument goes down, the profits from the other can set off the loss. In order to implement this strategy, traders need to choose a broker who offers them multiple assets to invest in. PrimeCapitec is a great choice in this regard because the broker is offering an array of financial instruments to trade.

First and foremost, there are more than 50 forex currency pairs that can be invested in and the broker also has a great variety of cryptocurrencies that start with the market leader Bitcoin and include others like Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. As these are volatile investments, you can diversify by investing in CFDs on indices, stocks, commodities and bonds. There are plenty of options to choose from in each asset and you can spread out your capital as much as possible.

  • Various accounts to cater to everyone

One of the best things about PrimeCapitec is that this broker hasn’t reserved its services for a specific kind of trader; they don’t just target newbies or are not specifically providing their services to professional traders. They welcome everyone to platform and this is obvious if you take a look at their account options. They have five choices in total and these are:

Silver: The minimum deposit is $10,000 and is for beginners. It offers basic education, 24/7 customer support, basic training and trading news.

Gold: With a $25,000 deposit, it adds trading signals and a personal account manager as this account is for those with some experience and knowledge.

Platinum: Intermediate traders typically go for this account, which requires a deposit of $50,000. It is for traders who can take advantage of a VIP account manager and trading algorithm. There is no withdrawal fee either and credit line is available for prominent trading events.

Signature: A $250,000 deposit gives skilled traders access to the full education center at PrimeCapitec, along with personal sessions with a marketing analyst, insured contracts, private banking and impressive leverage. Hedging strategies are also given priority here.

VIP: This is a special account that can only be opened by invitation only so it is reserved for mostly professional traders. It requires a hefty deposit of $500,000 at least.


Considering the impressive set of features and offerings that PrimeCapitec has put together, there is no denying that it is a solid broker for every trader. The best part is that it gives traders complete peace of mind while trading, allowing them to commit themselves to their trades and make decisions that work in their favor.

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