Price Analysis of Integral (ITGR) and MetaBots (MTB)

Integral pushed up by 128.42%

The analysis report from CoinMarketCap for Integral shows it has made quite the progress in the past 7-days. On March 17, the trading price of the ITGR/USDT pair was at a low of $0.04538 per ITGR. The situation of Integral was constantly exchanging hands from the bullish trend to the bearish trend, and then back to bullish.

The investors with the positive and negative sentiments constantly tested each other’s ability to see who would emerge victoriously. The scuffle between the bulls and the bears went on for the next 6 days until the bulls launched a 128.42% rally in the past 24-hours.

Due to their strong acquisition power, the bulls have brought the value of Integral up to its current price of $0.1343 per ITGR.

At the moment, the RSI for Integral is at 47.92 and the summary scale for Integral is pointing towards “buy” sentiments for the investors. This means that the bulls have the ball in their court and they may work towards pushing Integral’s price even higher.

As the bulls keep accumulating Integral, then the price strong resistance mark they may hit would be $0.2205 per ITGR. Once the RSI moves over the midline, then the trend line for Integral may grow even higher. This would increase the acquisition sentiments of the neutral investors, which may elevate Integral’s price to $0.2913 per ITGR.

As the bulls keep finding success on the resistance track, they may continue pushing harder and may finally hit the major resistance milestone ($0.3381) for Integral.

MetaBots pushed up by 104.28%

MetaBots also started its journey at a low price of $0.0005691 per MTB, but soon, its price skyrocketed due to a strong rally. The data shows that MetaBots’ bulls rallied it at a rate of 104.28% in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its trading price up to $0.001200 per MTB.

The moving averages for MetaBots are also indicating a positive trend, and the RSI is also at 61.17. The technical indicators are also supporting a positive trend for MetaBots, which means it may soon land on the resistance channel.

The trading volume for MetaBots is also reflecting the positive sentiments of the investors as it has been growing at a large rate. At the moment, the growth rate for MetaBots is 68.04%. This also means that the price of MetaBots may continue elevating.

The first resistance mark the bulls may try to hit with their strong buying power would be $0.001825 per MTB. If the bulls aim to hit another strong resistance mark, they will need full support from neutral investors. Therefore, they will need to carry on with the rally at a lower scale.

If the bulls manage to do it, then the neutral investors may start aiding them, which would push MetaBots’ price to 0.002601 per MTB.a

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