Price Analysis of Genopets (GENE) and Voxies (VOXEL)

Genopets Price Surges by 33.16%

The price of Genopets has been growing significantly in the past 24-hours and it may continue growing higher in the upcoming days. The price prediction comes from the high rally that the bulls have formed in the past 24-hours.

The CoinMarketCap report has shown that before the rally was formed, the price of Genopets was at a low of $12.6 per GENE.

Although the bears resisted the bulls they were able to form a strong (33.16%) rally in the past 24-hours. This resulted in pushing the price of Genopets to a high of $17.01 per GENE.

So far, the bulls have shown no signs of losing their steam and confidence, as they have been buying Genopets to keep the rally running. In the past 24-hours, the strong buying power of the bulls has pushed the trading volume for Genopets by 767.28%. At the moment, the 24h trading volume for Genopets is worth $24,933,194.

In the upcoming days, the bulls are expected to elevate their buying ability. This would result in pushing the price of Genopets to a high of $20.56 per GENE.

As the momentum grows higher, the investors may also find it highly profitable to invest in Genopets on a high scale. This would result in pushing the price of Genopets to a high of $22.47 per GENE and then to $24.01 per GENE.

Voxies Price Surges by 28.13%

Voxies is also going for a high run as the bulls are not ready to give up on the rally they have formed in the past 24-hours. So far, the strong sentiments of the bulls have formed a 34.98% rally, which has pushed the price of Voxies to a high of $1.94 per VOXEL.

Even now, the rally rate is growing higher and the value of Voxies is also expected to rise in the upcoming days. If the bulls keep their energy strong in purchasing Voxies, then its value may surge to $2.24 per VOXEL. With more investors growing high sentiments about Voxies, they may be able to push its price up to $2.31 per share.

Although the stats suggest that Voxies is currently hovering within the bullish zone but the bears can always strike back. If they do launch their counter, they may do it with an even strong aggression than the bulls did.

Their attempt would be to bring Voxies lower to the support channel, where they may test the power of the bulls. If the bulls are not able to match the power of the bears, then the price of Voxies may continue dipping.

The first low mark they may attempt to bring Voxies to would be $1.81 per VOXEL, followed by another low mark ($1.63 per VOXEL).

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