Price Analysis for BCI, EHB, DHR, and more Newly-Listed Cryptocurrencies

It is now a common thing for new cryptocurrencies to be launched into the cryptocurrency industry. This time as well, more cryptocurrencies have been inducted into the crypto-verse. However, it doesn’t mean that every cryptocurrency is destined for growth or high gains. Among the newly-listed cryptocurrencies, it is highly likely for all the cryptocurrencies to show their potential or prove to be profiting.

However, it is important to keep a close check on each digital asset being launched and track their performance to be able to make the right investment decisions.

Among the newly-listed cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency launched recently is Baby Cheems Inu (BCI). From the time of launch, the price of Baby Cheems Inu has increased by 281.24%. As of now, the unit price for Baby Cheems Inu is at $0.000000002877 per BCI. Since the launch, the trading volume being observed by Baby Cheems Inu is $1,272,277. From the looks of it, Baby Cheems Inu is expected to demonstrate high performance in the upcoming days.

The cryptocurrency earning itself recognition after Baby Cheems Inu is EarnHub (EHB). From the time of launch, the price of EarnHub has increased by 30.14%. As of now, the unit price for EarnHub is at $0.000009307 per EHB. Since the launch, the trading volume being observed by EarnHub is $1,242,135. Despite a slower growth than BCI, EHB is also moving in the upward direction, which is going to bring in more purchases for the digital asset. As a result of the increase in purchasing power from bulls’ end, the price of EarnHub would eventually grow higher.

Then it is DEHR Network (DHR) that has gained recognition after EarnHub in the list. The data shows that from the time of launch, the price of DEHR Network has surged by 13.56%. The surge has helped bring the price of DHER Network around $0.04852 per DHR. At the moment, the trading volume being observed by DHER Network from the time of launch is $1,735,078. It is being expected that the price of DHER Network may experience a downtrend as its performance is dimmed in the past 60-minutes. This is the reason why the investors would need to be cautious and alert when making investments in DHER Network at present.

Then it is Eroverse (ERO) that has reportedly grown by 9.63% in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, ERO’s price is $0.00002238 per ERO. The trading volume for ERO at present is $619,176. Just like DHR, the price of ERO is experiencing a downtrend and its price has plummeted by 12.82% in the past 60-minutes. As it is a new cryptocurrency, then it is currently not known how the cryptocurrency is going to perform in the upcoming days.

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