President Milei  Visit US to Meet Tech Leaders

The President of Argentina, Javier Milei, is expected to tour the USA to meet with the CEOs of giant tech firms. An announcement conveyed by the President spokesperson Manuel Ardoni reveals that Milei will meet with top-level management of Google, Meta, OpenAI, and Apple. Inc. 

President Milei will leave Argentina on May 29 to meet with OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman before dawn. 

Argentina President Visits US

President Milei believes AI development has enormous potential to support Argentina’s economy. Altman will joined by the lead developer of Tools of Humanity, Alex Blanca. 

The agenda will revolve around OpenAI’s iris scanning project, Worldcoin. President Milei noted that Argentina welcomed the Worldcoin project positively in 2023. Milei said that over 9000 individuals signed up for Worldcoin daily until the operations were restricted in Argentina.

The Argentine regulators claimed that Worldcoin operations contravened the consumer law.President Milei will issue a 45-minute presentation at the Stanford University Hoover Institution on May 30.

Later, Milei will briefly meet with Stanford President Richard Saller and the director of Hoover Institution, Condoleezza Rice. He will meet with the  Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Milei will proceed with his US trip to meet Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Alphabet and Google. In the evening, President Milei will meet with Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook and other tech entrepreneurs are majoring in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

On Thursday, the president of Argentina will meet with a group of AI developers and investors. He expected to meet with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on May 31. President Milei’s trip to the US aimed to strengthen business relations between the two countries.

Significance of President Milei’s Trip to the US

Having ascended as the president of Argentina in December last year, Milei has been making significant steps to rebuild the country. Milei proclaimed himself an anarcho-capitalist who would stimulate economic growth by deregulating Argentina’s economy.

During the campaign, Milei vowed to remove 300 regulations that undermined the country’s prosperity. Argentina ranks among the leading countries with the highest inflation. 

However, since Milei assumed office, Argentina’s inflation dropped from 133% to 50%. The country has failed to eradicate poverty for years due to huge debts and financial mismanagement.

The poor economic performance in Latin American countries forced Milei to step up and explore ways to address the situation in Argentina. His regular meetings with global leaders and CEOs of best-performing companies boost Milei’s reputation.

Milei’s entourage comprises government officials, ambassadors, and top-level executives during the visits. The May visit marks the fourth trip to the US since he ascended office.

Argentine Seeks to Strengthen Business Relations with US

Milei believes that tech development is critical in reviving Argentina’s ailing economy. In April, President Milei visited Texas to meet with Twitter boss Elon Musk and discuss ways to promote free markets. 

Musk and Milei also discussed plans to use lithium to create Tesla’s rechargeable batteries.  The meeting was important since Argentina ranks among the first countries with the largest Lithium deposits.

The meeting in Austin was the first physical meeting the two met. Musk and Milei had praised each other on X for months, creating a bromance relationship. 

The trip to the US came days after the authorities of Argentina met with El Salvador government officials to discuss crypto adoption in Central America. The Argentine government plans to learn from El Salvador’s Bitcoin journey. 

The two countries will share knowledge on crypto regulation and other related activities. The Argentina authority plans to collaborate with the government of El Salvador to push for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. 

Since the election of Milei Argentina has smoothly transitioned to the crypto sector. In April, the Argentine authority greenlighted the registration requirement for crypto firms governed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).President Milei plans to attend El Salvador President Nayib Bukele’s inauguration schedule on May 31.

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