President Biden Set to End $18B Crypto Tax Loopholes

An official tweet from President Joe Biden revealed the famous MAGA House Republicans supported tax loopholes to benefit the wealthy crypto entrepreneurs in America. The President’s tweet was against the MAGA action that threatened the country’s food security investigations.

The President’s May 9 announcement aimed at supporting his proposal for FY 2023-2024 budget. In his submission, President Biden proposed a global reduction in the budget to address the current tax loopholes.

Overview of President Biden’s Proposal

In his report, President Biden failed to state whether the tax loopholes existed in America. On the contrary, the Republicans had initially proposed a reduction of funds allocated to programs supporting vulnerable groups such as the elderly and low-income earners. The Republicans opposed Biden’s proposal to change the current taxation codes.

In their earlier report, the Republicans pushed for equal payment of tax between upper-class and best-performing corporations in the region.

Following President Biden’s announcement, the Twitter community engaged in embroiled dialogues. Billy Markus, a developer from Dogecoin, regretted trusting the regulators with more money than he managed to generate from crypto assets.

In his report, Markus confessed that the regulator’s tax regime attempted to exploit the America crypto investors.Reflecting on President Biden’s budget proposal, the public noted that it was well structured compared to the May 9 tweet.

Will Changes in Tax Codes Address the Existing Loopholes?

A recent White House fact report revealed that the crypto investors in the region were not treated the same way as investors venturing into stocks, bonds, and other securities. The report mentioned that other entrepreneurs venturing into a non-crypto investment could report any excess loss.

As such, a region’s crypto proponent can trade digital assets at a loss. On the other hand, the investor is exposed to measurable tax loss after trading the crypto asset in the test to reduce the existing tax burden. 

Based on President Biden’s proposal, adjusting taxation codes will enable the recovery of assets worth $24 billion. He advocated for adopting crypto regulations that correspond to existing stocks and securities.

Community Responses on President Biden Proposal

Commenting on Biden’s tweet  Peter Conradi, a community manager at Beeple and Async, Art urged the President to abandon his plans. He requested the President to explore practical methods and strategies implemented by the overseas nations in improving the technology and financial system.

Conradi argued that most US crypto investors were not wealthy but were struggling to pursue viable markets and seek new opportunities through adopting technology.

The US has become a central point of discussion due to a lack of regulatory clarity on crypto assets. The current regulatory uncertainty in the US has compelled crypto firms to pursue suitable markets outside the US.

In 2022, the fallout of the Bahamian crypto exchange compelled the US Security and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler to launch clampdowns on digital assets service providers in America.

Gensler argued that most of the crypto firms in the region offered unregistered securities. He added that since the beginning of 2023, the crypto firms such as Genesis, Terraform Labs, TRON, and Bittrex have been battling SEC charges. 

Besides the SEC crypto regulations, White House officials plan to introduce a 30% tax to crypto miners due to environmental pollution concerns. The Republicans are planning to oppose adopting central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the US.

Elsewhere the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, labeled CBDC as “woke politics” for the democrats.

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