Pplware Starts Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Pplware Starts Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Pplware which is one of the most popular Portuguese tech publications decided to invest in cryptocurrency.

The publication started its way in 2018 as it claims that the ecosystem is now more stable than at the end of 2017, when most of the cryptocurrencies reached a new record high, and then began to fall.

Pplware has shown that it will invest in cryptocurrencies based on a week analysis, and began investing this week with a budget of € 30 ($ 35.9). It plans to share his experience and impression with his audience, helping his readers learn how to invest in crypto-currencies and which cryoto is the best and profitable one for investing.

Pplware says, “The objective, of course, will be the investment’s possible profitability, to understand the technologies that support this still largely unknown reality.”

The publication’s team used Coinbase to buy Bitcoin using Euros. The €30 it invested got them 0.0037 BTC, bought at €7,710.53 per coin. The funds were then sent to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Pplware split its BTC and bought two cryptocurrencies, ICON and Cardano.

The investment got the publication 44 ADA tokens, and 3.84 ICX. In fact the funds were not taken from the crypto exchange, because the publication announced that it would sell them for a short period of time and want to escape paying additional fees.

The actions were performed when Portuguese parliament is set to discuss cryptocurrency payments, with the goal of adopting a new legal framework for crypto payments services, while guaranteeing users’ safety using these services.

The adoption of the crypto currency seems to be moving around the world. As it was recently reported, the Singapore start-up, developing “smart banknotes” for bitcoin sales.

Cryptocurrency adoption is seemingly being pushed around the globe. As recently covered, a Singaporean startup developing “smart banknotes” for bitcoin launched sales of physical bitcoin banknotes in a major mall in order to drive adoption.


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