Pornhub Adds Pumapay (PMA) As A Payment Option

It is reported that Pornhub, the largest porn site on the Internet, added PumaPay (PMA), a cryptocurrency, attached to a project that creates a comprehensive billing protocol that combines the best traditional payment methods with blockchain solutions into its list of accepted payment options.

Moving forward, PumaPay (PMA) will be accepted as a form of payment for the premium service and the advertising network Pornhub. PumaPay will also bring its innovative technology, the PullPayment protocol, to Pornhub.

The protocol cancels the mechanics of the traditional blocking transaction, which allows traders to substantially “pull” the crypto funds from their customers’ accounts. This feature will allow PornHub subscribers to configure recurring crypto payments.

This news came after Pornhub announced in June that it would start accepting ZenCash (ZEN), the confidentiality-based cryptocurrency, which was recently renamed Horizen, and TRON (TRX), the digital currency that feeds the decentralized Internet ecosystem of the project. These two main cryptocurrencies were added a few months after Pornhub began accepting Verge (XVG), another confidentiality-oriented cryptocurrency.


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