Polygon (MATIC) – Community, Recent and Future Developments


  • Polygon has registered attractive moves since the start of this year.
  • The token claimed its position among the top 20 cryptos after attaining its ATH in May at $2.68.
  • With tech improvements, the network excites its community as it explores NFTs.

Polygon has affirmed its position in the crypto world this year, supporting users and developers. The platform appears to deliver to its community since its inception. That comes from its stellar partnerships and technological upgrades.

The platform’s decision to venture into the NFT world after Polygon Studio’s launch takes the attention of many. Moreover, unveiling ETH scaling solutions confirms a brighter future for the crypto project.

Recent and Future Developments

Recently, Polygon launched Polygon Studio to promote its NFTs adoption. The move comes as blockchain gaming and NFTs enjoy increased acceptance. For now, Polygon positions itself for more partnerships. For instance, the crypto network powers the Magician Messi NFT. Moreover, a growing NFTs social platform showtime is moving to Polygon Studio.

On the other hand, HOPR, designed to ensure data privacy, has started to run its 2nd incentivized testnet after the stellar results of the earlier testnet. HOPR’s founder Sebastian Burgel stated that Polygon had accumulated strength since the previous HOPR testnet.

Meanwhile, the recent discussion had Polygon’s co-founder declaring an upcoming ETH scaling solution. That indicates the project’s potential growth in the future.


Polygon has a vibrant and active community in the crypto world. The network boasts over 680K Twitter followers and a significant number on different social sites. According to Luna Crush data, MATIC saw 2,613,060 social media mentions and over 4,288,521,464 social engagement in not more than one year.

Several events appear to incentivize the Polygon community. For instance, the free NFT minting announcement and the Showtime deal prioritizes the users. With that, Polygon’s sentiments remain optimistic and bearish regardless of the asset’s price swings.

Should You Care?

Scaling is among the challenges facing blockchain technology, particularly ETH. Polygon aims to solve the issue via its several functionalities for DApps scaling. For now, more than 400 DApps are using the token to allow scaling in less than half an hour.

Stay tuned for crypto updates.

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