Police In Uzbekistan Get Training On Seizing Cryptocurrency From United Nations Security Organization

In Uzbekistan, the OSCE, also known as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, help a five-day long training session for the local police.

The course focused on digital assets like cryptocurrencies, as well as conducting Dark Web-related investigations for local prosecution forces.

The course acts as a part of the organization’s constant efforts to inform law enforcement agencies in Central Asia about the advancing technology that bad actors can abuse. The reason why it’s so important is that the region is strategically crucial for the global drug trade.

Key Concepts of Course Include Cryptocurrency, Encryption, and Tor Networks

According to the October 21 press release, representatives from the State Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the General Persecutor’s Office attended the course, which took place from October 17 to 21.

There, they learned about major trends and key points surrounding concepts like Tor Networks, the Dark Web, obfuscation methods, digital assets, encryption, and internetworking.

Over the course of the training session, the law enforcement agents grew familiar with the different methods to seize illegally held cryptocurrency.

Moreover, they learned about blockchain analysis, all of which was accommodated through the ECTEG, or the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group.

Reports show that the OSCE has also donated a complete computer-equipped classroom to the General Prosecutor’s Academy.

Course Becomes First National Training In Uzbekistan

The training session held by the OSCE is now the first-ever national course in Uzbekistan. It was provided 6as phase two of the extra-budgetary project Capacity Building on Combating Cybercrime in Central Asia.

The project is funded by the US, the Republic of Korea, and Germany. Additionally, nationwide training activities will take place throughout the region over the course of this year and the next.

The OSCE is currently the biggest security-oriented intergovernmental organization globally. Moreover, the agency has observer status at the UN.

The organization is based in Vienna and emphasizes concerns like free and fair elections, freedom of the press, establishing human rights, and arms control.

OSCE Held Crypto Enforcement Course in 2020

Two years ago, the OSCE held a training session on cryptocurrency enforcement that could help with the regulation in Central Asian countries.

At the time, there was a larger scope when it came to participating enforcers. Held in the city of Almaty, representatives from countries like Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan were in attendance.

In August, the Uzbeki government, which had made great strides to develop a moderate approach to crypto, started restricting users’ access to numerous crypto exchanges.

These included Huobi, FTX, and most importantly, Binance, which accusations against the firms claiming unlicensed activities.

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