In the last years, cryptocurrencies are experiencing a significant growth in Africa, so Paxful is aiming to develop an entry to the crypto world especially Bitcoin (BTC) for Africa’s youth. They will realize this through educational programs.

Paxful’s African consultant, Benjamin Onuoha, mentioned that among their users Africa’s youth has been the most creative and the smartest so far, they think about the crypto-economy as their future, and Benjamin thinks that they can teach the world a lot.

In the following list are the real Bitcoin use cases in Benjamin’s opinion. Charges, transfers, grey markets, money maintenance, social good and speculation.

He also mentioned that the young in Africa, believe that there is opportunities to develop entrepreneurship projects with Bitcoin and many users have already started their businesses.

Paxful is sure that cryptocurrency economy will have a good influence on the society and in Rwanda they have finished the construction of the second school to support education. Their team is planning to open one hundred schools around the country.

During the last year, Paxful, which has more than 2,5 million consumers globally, revealed that 200%+ growth in users have been noticed in Africa, as the most rapidly developing district in 2018.

The company observed that Africa’s new generation has started to use peer to peer finance for a better involvement in the global financial system.

Being passionate to help the African people to have a better understanding of the use cases of cryptocurrencies and the opportunities that cryuptocurrecy economy offers, Paxful has built their first university.

At universities of South Africa and Kenya, Paxful seminars have taken place which provide each attendant with curcial knowledge and with free bitcoin to let them begin their journey. Already 1000 young Africans or more have participated in the events around Kenya and SA.

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