OPERA Launches The Integrated Crypto Wallet For The Desktop Version Of Its Browser

Opera (OPRA), a browser built on the Blink engine and a growing competitor to Google Chrome, announced today that it plans to integrate its cryptocurrency wallet system into the desktop version of its browser.

According to the announcement, Opera decided to add its cryptocurrency wallet to the desktop version of its browser after positive feedback about the Android wallet, which was released last month. The wallet is built on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which allows users to store funds and access decentralized applications (DApps) directly on their computers.

The combination of mobile and desktop wallets allows Opera users to safely store data about their cryptocurrencies and access them without any additional downloads. This can be done by simply connecting the Opera PC browser with the mobile Opera browser via QR code, which ultimately will allow users to safely store all the secret password phrases on their mobile devices.

Charles Hamel, responsible for the development of the product Opera Crypto said, “By adding a cryptocurrency wallet directly to the browser, we eliminate the need for complex extensions or individual applications.”

Mobile version of the cryptocurrency wallet Opera was launched in closed beta mode in July. It supports Ethereum, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokenized items. In the future, developers are planning to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

The decision to add a cryptocurrency wallet to the desktop version of the browser is part of a larger program of the company to expand the built-in functionality of its software.



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