OpenSea Denies Claims on the Involvement of Former Manager in AnubisDAO Project

The world’s largest Web3 marketplace, OpenSea, has denied claims concerning the involvement of the former head of venture Kelvin Pawlak in the AnubisDAO rug pull that occurred in 2021. Recently, talks concerning the AnubisDAO rug pull that exposed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) investor to a loss of millions has become center stage in social media.

 In an X post, a disgraced investor named NFT Ethics tweeted on the OpenSea platform explaining the misconduct of its former manager. The NFT proponent claimed that an X account dubbed “0xSisyphus” was owned by Pawlak.

Analyzing the Involvement of OpenSea Employees in AnubisDAO Rug Pull

He regretted that the former OpenSea manager orchestrated various susceptible business deals. The report indicates that Pawlak was the mastermind behind the Anubis project.

A day before the rug pull, Pawlak claimed to invest around $420000 in the project and was pledged to continue investing. Reportedly, Pawlak worked closely with Ethan Cheung in running the Anubis project. Days after the Anubis project had gained momentum, Cheung claimed to have received a suspicious file from Sisyphus.

Since then, different stories concerning the Anibus rug pull have been making headline. In a recent post, Sisyphus blamed Cheung for engaging in susceptible businesses that resulted in rug pull.

The NFT Ethic remarks echo a report issued by a renowned blockchain analytic firm, Lookonchain, claiming that 0xSisyphus and Pawlak played a critical role in touting the AnubisDAO project to the public. The Lookonchain team blamed Pawlak for participating in the AnubisDAO project that raised millions within hours and was later transferred to multiple external wallets.

Impact of AnubisDAO Rug Pull

In support of this, the NFT Ethic claimed that Pawlak liaise with other developers to plan the AnubisDAO rug pull. The collaborative efforts resulted in the laundering of millions of assets through Pepe meme coin.

Commenting on the multiple accusations, an OpenSea spokesperson claimed he was unaware of Pawlak’s involvement in AnubisDAO rug pull. In a review of Pawlak’s employment contract at OpenSea, the spokesperson stated that the former manager majored in non-management roles and had limited scope. He added that Pawlak left office last year in June, and the OpenSea team was not aware of his involvement in the projects under investigation.

Additionally, the spokesperson confirmed that the OpenSea team was heedless of the AnubisDAO activities. It implies that the OpenSea team was clueless about the AnubisDAO undertakings.

The incident under questioning generated 13556 Ethers, equivalent to $60 million from the NFT investors. Hours later, the funds were channeled to several external wallets that exposed the investors to huge losses.

Review of OpenSea Recovery Plan

Elsewhere, ZachXBT, a famous blockchain investigator, appeared to be defensive. The ZachXBT claimed that the NFT Ethic post was based on multiple assumptions concerning the 0xSisyphus’.

The post was described as of a “mid-curve” nature backed with unrelated events that lacked enough evidence about the AnubisDAO rug pull. The ZackXBT recalled the rewards offered by 0xSisyphus to recover the lost assets.

Earlier, 0xSisyphus had promised to offer 1000 Ether (ETH) to an individual or entity that will identify the address linked to the AnubisDAO exploit. Besides the rewards, the 0xSisyphus had engaged several law enforcers from the US and Hong Kong to assist in recovering the lost funds.

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