OffersFX – The Brokerage That You Will Not Regret Trading With

In the present times, we come across new and fancy stuff that keeps getting introduced and keeps trending. But there is an entity or one may call it program that has been in existence for more than two decades now and is constantly in the process of development and providing a platform to a common person to create and share their ideas in order to make a difference in the daily lives of others and in return, make fortunes and big bucks for their loved ones and for dreams they want to fulfill.

Yes, I am talking about internet that came into existence about 25 years ago and shook the world, giving it an entirely new meaning and platform, making it extremely easy for people to connect from one another even they were countries or continents apart. It is as if the human beings have created a dimension of their own where they can communicate with each other and also interact privately without any outside interference.

This development not only made the lives of a human being easier and convenient, but also provided them with the opportunity to come up with ideas and innovations that they can use to take the current levels of working, running a business or doing trades to a whole new level.

With the help of internet, a common person was able to do what he/she could only dream of doing in the real-time world like running a business of their own without much investment or get into the trading world without having any ties, resources or family lineage to prove their reputation and worth in the trading market.

Although, the humankind has been benefitting from the internet since its launch, yet the entire world has come to know its importance and need in the current times when the entire world has been affected by the pandemic that has resulted in hundreds and thousands of companies going bankrupt or closing down due to the lock down situations. What came next was that millions of employees especially in the industrial sectors ended up losing their jobs and getting laid off for an indefinite amount of time. This has resulted in the world seeing one of the worst economic downfalls.

While many of the industries and companies remain locked out due to the current pandemic, internet is constantly growing its market in the work-from-home, home based business and online trading sector as majority of the people who have lost their jobs and businesses are coming towards this platform as the future they see in the online sector is promising and everlasting.

How Online Trading has Provided Monetary Solution to the People in Need

Although, people are able to benefit from all three platforms (online jobs, online businesses & online trades), Online Trading has proven to be a beacon for people who are in desperate need of money and are looking for a permanent source and solution of income so they can get to keep their houses and the electricity in them. More than 50% of the people coming towards the internet wanting to make it their primary source of income are interested and attracted towards online trading as it has the potential to make people millionaires in a single day.

With such a high influx of people in the form of investors, the online trading community and brokers found themselves in the most fortunate positions where they could be the ones to provide guidance to these people and help them achieve what they came looking for. In such a short amount of time, the number of online brokerages has increased significantly to accommodate the high number of potential investors coming on a daily basis to start their trading journeys.

Why Online Brokerage Standards Became So Poor?

With such a high amount of people joining the online trading platform on a daily basis, many of the brokerages deviated from the right track and instead of focusing in guiding their investors, they started to exploit money out of their pockets with no turnovers or profits. With time, majority of the brokerages became greedy and started following each other on the same path that led innocent investors to disaster and failure. This is the reason why many potential as well as already trading investors lost trust in the online trading business once and for all, and chose to prefer some other channel over online trading.

This is something that not only dropped the standards of such greedy brokerages to the very bottom, but also hampered the reputation and trust that the legit brokerages once had and while these brokerages knew why this was happening, they never did anything to fix this misconception and retain the worth, reputation and trust that the brokerages used to have in the past.

How OffersFX Earned Its Recognition

This was the time when online trading brokerages needed someone from their own ranks to come up and retain their lost worth and respect that they used to have in the past. Otherwise, it would have gotten to a point where there would not be a point of return. This is when OffersFX used the knowledge and experience of their trading gurus and expert analysts to come up with a legit plan that would not only provide customers with the services they wanted but also regain what had been lost with the passage of time.

As discussed earlier, while majority of the brokerages focused in devising methods that would have the investors make more and more investments, OffersFX focused on providing their clients with services, tools and facilities that would help them in learning trades and polish their trading skills so they can make their own decisions and never be dependent on any one.

Online Trading Accounts for Investors

No matter the online brokerage that you study or go through in order to start trading, you will come to see that they tend offer a whole list of trading accounts and most of the times, they are named as Basic, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP accounts where each account requires the investors to make a minimum deposit that can start from $250 and goes up to millions of dollars based on the account levels. Then these brokerages go onto adding difference sorts of benefits and bonuses to each account type to attract more and more investors.

However, OffersFX aims to provide their investors the same amount of attention and information so every investor can know that no one is getting more guidance than themselves or has any kind of leverage over each other. OffersFX has kept it really simple for their investors but in order to give their investors a hang of the trades, trends and the trading maneuvers, OffersFX has introduced two types of accounts:

Demo Trading Account

As the name suggests, this account has been created and maintained for the sole purpose of providing potential investors a hands on experience of how it feels to be in a trading environment, how to manage their trades, how to make the right trade calls and how to analyze the trading markets. With the help of OffersFX’s demo trading account, the investors can learn the basics of trading and ready themselves for the real-time trading environment.

Real-Time Trading Account

Although option, but if the investors have gone through OffersFX’ demo trading account and now feel that they are ready to set foot into the trading world, they can sign up for a real-time trading account. Owning a real-time trading account at OffersFX means that the investors have access to all of the trading markets available throughout the globe. Investors have the choice of choosing an instrument from the list of major trading assets (such as Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, CFDS) with full confidence and support from the OffersFX’s dedicated teams.

OffersFX’s Trading Platform

In the business of online trading, one of the most important and critical components is the online trading platform because, even if an online brokerage provides the best knowledge, information, assets, support or insights around the online trading, if it lacks the quality or the standard of the online trading platform, everything would just go to waste and the investors would end up regretting that they ever chose such a below standard brokerage.

This is exactly what happened when the online brokerages became greedy and hardly ever invested in developing or enhancing the trading capabilities of their trading platforms. However, OffersFX again went the other way and with the aim to totally change this misconception, arranged one of the most popular and trustworthy trading platform knowns as the WebTrader.

This trading platform is considered to be the most efficient, unique and tremendously fast in the online trading market. It comes equipped with the most advanced features, state of the art interface, intuitive trading, top notch trading tools, variety of trading charts, sell/buy start, sell/buy stop, algo trading, most secure trading channel, global trading markets, single click execution and many more features developed for the sole purpose of investors making the most out of them in their daily life trading activities.

Mobile Trading App

Following to its reputation and trend, OffersFX has not remained limited to providing their clients with an individual trading platform but have also managed to develop and launch their mobile trading app that supports both Android and IOS smartphones. The reason behind executing this is to ensure that the investors do not feel bound when they trade and have full authority as to whether they would want to trade from a particular operating system or from their smartphone. This step has proven so beneficial and efficient for the investors that majority of the investors have switched/adapted to mobile trading than operating system (browser) based trading.

Tablet Trading App

By now, you must be thinking that providing a trading solution through a mobile app is something that is already in the market and doesn’t have that much of an impact. But you will be surprised and shocked to know that OffersFX has done the same when it comes to tablets as they have developed a trading app even for this platform. The reason why OffersFX took this action was that they have come to understand that over the course of time, many online users have switched from PC/MAC operating systems to smartphones or tablets because as compared to PC or MAC, these hardware are way easy and simple to use.

Trading Instruments that OffersFX Offers their Clients

When it comes to offering trading assets, OffersFX without a doubt has made it clear that there is no other brokerage that can complete with OffersFX. Because, majority of the brokerages tend to offer only 1 or 2 trading instruments but OffersFX has laid out the below assets to their clients:

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is considered to be the black horse when it comes to the trading business and due to this fact, it is currently ranked as the most traded, liquid and volatile instrument in online trading. Forex refers to the process of buying or selling foreign currencies that are available to choose in the form of pairs such as USD/GBP, GBP/EUR, JPY/AUD etc. In forex, the investors can choose a currency pair out of 60+ trading pairs available in the forex market and then start monitoring their global price value.

Based on these analysis and assumptions, the investors can then sell or buy the trading pairs to make profits.

Indices Trading

Indices trading refers to the combined assets value of a group of company in a particular country. In indices trading, the investors are not required to make any purchases but predict whether the collective price value of the selected index is to go up or low. Based on these calculations, the investors can either make a short call or a long call, and earn profits if the deals go their way.

Shares Trading

Also referred to as Stocks trading, Shares trading means when a particular company goes to the public market to sell their company assets in the form of shares so they can generate funds to meet their annual quota adjustments as well as targets. On top of this, the companies use these funds to improve their services as well as invest them into research and development projects to stay ahead of their competitors.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is another unique type of trade that involves the buying, selling and exchanging of products acquired through agriculture, mining and drilling such as gold, copper, silver, wheat, rice and crude oil etc. In commodity trading, investors can choose a commodity from an entire list of instruments that are available to trade and observe the market price and value of the picked asset. If the investors see that the price of the instrument is to go up, they can wait for the right time and sell the assets to earn profit in the price difference.

CFD Trading

In contracts-for-difference trading, two investors can come together where one acts as the buyer and the other one as the seller, choose a trading asset and the instrument within that asset and agree upon the price at a certain amount of time and date. Once all of these conditions are met and agreed upon, the investors can create a contract out of it and once the contract reaches its designated time/date, if the price of the asset falls lower than the agreed amount, it is the seller who makes the profit and if the price goes higher than the agreed, it’s the seller who makes the profit.

OffersFX’s Education Program Created Just for their Clients

After the careful analysis of the trading markets and the feedback from the online investors, OffersFX has come up with an educational program that is created just for betterment and learning experience of the OffersFX’s clients.

Video Courses

The first in the list of OffersFX’s educational program is the video courses that have been made available for the investors. No matter the trading level or experience, the investors can always access these video courses and get to learn a thing or two from them so they can use them in their trading activities and increase their chances of earning profits.


Second in the list are EBooks that have been written and shared by the trading gurus and analytical experts at OffersFX. These EBooks are rich with content that has proven to be extremely useful for the first time traders. In these books, the trading experts have shared their life experiences as well as the good and bad experiences that they had when they started trading in the online trading markets.


You may be thinking, why Glossary though? Well, to tell you the truth, when I started my online trading career, I was somewhat inexperienced and unfamiliar with the terms that were used in the online trading markets. This is the reason why I always found myself being left out or helpless. But with the passage of time, I had full command over the common trading terms and abbreviations, which is why I feel that I was at a loss at the beginning.

However, OffersFX has recognized this flaw and has dedicated an entire page on their website to address this problem and provide their potential investors with as much information as possible before they can start trading online. So whether it’s a pip or spread, you are free to visit their glossary page and get yourself familiarized with the terms you will start seeing quite often when trading.

OffersFX’s 24/5 Customer Support

Imagine that while you were trading, you come across a situation that you think is impossible to resolve. When faced with this dilemma, you try reaching out to the provider who is currently giving you this service but has no one to listen to your query and get you out of the mess. With the passage of time, online brokerages have stopped focusing on providing their customers with the real-time support and at times, they just add a fake support number to make it through the website authenticity checks.

However, providing the best customer support to the clients for OffersFX is as similar as trading. OffersFX has put together a team of highly skilled professionals who are highly knowledgeable even when it comes to online trading and are fully capable of solving your problems in a very short amount of time.

Why Trade With OffersFX

So if you do want to get yourself into online trading, I bet that you will not regret becoming a part of OffersFX. Because at OffersFX, you can rest assured that your assets as well as your investments are kept secure and protected at all times. You are provided with the most intellectual trading platform that comes equipped with the most advanced trading features such as intuitive trading, single click executions, and state of the art trading interface, buy/sell stop, buy/sell start, vast variety of charts, historical reports, latest trading news bulletin and many more.

On top of this, OffersFX also aims to educate their clients with the most advanced trading courses and tactics in order to increase their confidence and enhance their decision making. With OffersFX, you get to trade in any of the trading markets with variety of assets and with the most secure transactional channels. Furthermore, the trading platform is under the protection of security system that is on par with industry level of security.

Now that I have laid out each and every service offered by the broker in this OffersFX review, I must emphasize that if you are willing to increase your trades and earnings, you should OffersFX over other brokerages.

Decide Whether You Are Ready to Trade or Not

At the end of the day, no matter how attractive and profitable the world of trading may sound, one must always be aware of the risks that tag along and are waiting for them if they make the slightest of mistakes while trading. At times, one may find themselves unlucky as the only thing they may see is them losing their money. However, there may be chances of you making huge profits or fortunes at the next moment but your impatience lets you down.

Therefore, if you think that you cannot take the pressure, it is better you find yourself a different monetary solution.

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