Nippon Express Develops Blockchain-based Transport Network

Nippon Express Develops Blockchain-based Transport Network


Nippon Express partners with Accenture and Intel Japan to develop a transport network based on blockchain technology, Nikkei newspaper writes.

The Japanese logistics company has an intention to invest around 1 billion USD into a new transportation system for pharmaceuticals, which is planned to be developed next year. Nippon Express aims to design its own line of drugs starting in 2021, requiring products’ live tracking through warehouses and status updates for quality control teams.

Accenture, an Irish-domiciled multinational professional services company, is going to develop a sensors’ system to check products’ temperature on trucks as well as in warehouses. Apart from this, Intel Japan will provide radio-frequency identification tags in order to track shipments’ location.

Together, these sensors’ system and radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) will provide manufacturers, wholesalers, and medical institutions the possibility to track the pharmaceutical development process live with the usage of blockchain technology.

(RFID) tags and sensors will be installed throughout Nippon Express factories, warehouses, and trucks: from the import of raw materials and products to delivery at medical institutions. Data will be uploaded to the blockchain and will provide the condition, position, and status of every single shipment.


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