Group-IB reports that the Gustuff virus potentially threatens 32 mobile cryptocurrency storing apps & the 100 largest banks. Specialists report that a Russian hacker developed the Android Trojan. The malicious program can automatically deduce crypto from users’ accounts. It’s embedded not only in mobile banking apps and cryptocurrency wallets, but can be embedded in Skype, WhatsApp, PayPal and Gett Taxi as well.

Experts mentioned that “Gustuff gets on Android phones via SMS-mailing with links to APK files. Later on, Gustuff is distributed through the contacts database of an infected phone, or through the server database”.

Users of mobile apps of banks like JPMorgan, Bank of America, Bank of Scotland, Wells Fargo, Capital One, TD Bank and PNC Bank are currently under the highest risk. Also, the virus can attack the wallets of Bitcoin Wallet, BitPay, Cryptopay and Coinbase.

Yesterday, Kaspersky Lab Antivirus company said that the digital money of Windows and Mac users was under threat. The North Korean hacker group Lazarus uses the PowerShell application that allows you to manage malware on these operating systems.


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