New Software Bug Affects More Than Half of Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum is considered second in line both in the context of market capitalization and the overwhelming interest of financial organizations towards crypto adoption after Bitcoin. Ethereum’s blockchain has received multiple updates and patches in the past rather than Bitcoin; this is what makes Ethereum’s blockchain not only more efficient but less costly for traders and investors as compared to Bitcoin. At the very latest, there was London hard fork update all loaded and booted for Ethereum’s blockchain, and it proved to be extremely dynamic and a well-crafted update to bring about the scalability and effectiveness of the whole platform.

In the IT world, the work of a developer is never over; they are either working on a code or coding to make a piece of software work at its finest. Ethereum developers continue to develop more and more code even after pitching in the London hard fork update to make it stick and to ensure that the system is not backfiring in relation to the update. But recently, due to a possible software glitch, the whole blockchain of Ethereum is in ruins. When the new update is locked and loaded, all the users are advised to update as to the recent stable version as soon as possible, and the same protocol was followed after the implementation of the London hard fork upgrade. 

Ethereum Software Bug Needs to be Resolved Immediately 

But many stuck at the Geth client of Ethereum failed to do so, and this has caused a viable fork to appear within the blockchain. This subsequently means that the Ethereum’s blockchain is being divided into two respective chains, and it is now tending to both of these, which is basically chaotic for a digital ledger to be flooded in with requests and then having to process them into two different domains, not having any clue which is which.  The issue is taken up with the developers, and they are working to fix it up as we speak, but if it remains unsolved, then it would mean that there is a chance of a double-spend attack. This means that the same cryptocurrency will be spent twice, not only making it difficult to cover the whole mess but also bringing the value of Ethereum down.

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