New Proposal To Crypto Miners From Québec: Electricity In Exchange For Jobs

According to the recent information Québec, a Canadian province, has made a proposal to cryptocurrency miners.

The national government had been obliged to consider the question of “electricity consumers using cryptography as applied to blockchain technology” as they were requiring more electricity that it could supply. It provisionally stopped electricity supply to cryptocurrency mining transactions on the 7th of June, just a week following a total ban was raised. The government mentioned that the decision was taken “so that the company can continue to fulfill its obligations to supply electricity to all of Québec,” pretending that the ultimatum overfulfilled the short and medium-term power of Hydro-Québec, which is the  electricity supplier of the region.

The government requested the national energy controller, Régie de l’énergie, to figure out how this type of client could be supplied in the future; it identifies the economic gains of supplying electricity for this business, from income for Hydro-Québec to more global job establishment.

It recorded that these firms would require to be delivered individually. Hydro-Québec would be accountable for choosing candidates.

Hydro-Québec has currently made proposals about the procedure by which mining firms will be chosen. It offers putting towards 500 mwe for this business, raising the cost of electricity for mining organizations by minimum 1 cent per kw hour, and evaluating the actual quantity of operations that will be formed per mwe .

It will also demand that these enterprises, organizations reduce their electricity utilization by at most of 300 hours a year, and will benefit client that can start transactions instantly.

Canada is a popular originator for cryptocurrency mining operations as the cold weather is good for the mining computers which generate large amount of heat.



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