New Crypto-Fiat ICO Named A3Pay Will Be Launched

New Crypto-Fiat ICO Named A3Pay Will Be Launched

Today Armenia has already stepped into the era of  blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. An Initial coin offering (ICO) is fundraising method that trades future crypto coins for cryptocurrencies which have an immediate value. A new ICO named A3Pay will become a real solution for all kind of crypto-to-cash transactions.

The founder of A3Pay is CEO Hayk Espina Galstyan. In an interview with portal web-site he said:

“A3Pay is unique design protocol where merchants and users are connected in crypto and fiat through which they can make their life easier. A3Pay is designed not only for merchants and users but also for banks. So they can finally get a viable way to monitor at least the transactions that happens in their country.”

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ICOs are really hot among the crypto investors. They allow  both big and small investors to fund and cooperate with the projects they like. A3Pay will give the special opportunity to merchants and clients to make right and profitable investments.

The team of A3Pay is built from the highly qualified professionals, people who are really interested in the ICO and its goals and objectives.

The launch of  A3Pay ICO is to take place in 2019. The soft cap of A3Pay is expected to be $1,5 mln and the hard cap – $50 mln to be able to work internationally with the top crypto-friendly countries. More information will be available on cryptocynews soon.

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