Microsoft & Tech Mahindra Decided To Construct The Blockchain-System For The Prohibition Of Spam-Calls In India

A month ago, India’s telecom regulator instructed operators to use blockchain technology to assist in curbing spam calls in the country. In connection of the event Tech Mahindra, an Indian multinational IT provider, declared today that it has united with Microsoft to create a blockchain-based ecological system to resist undesirable commercial challenges in India.

The solution consisting of the  technology of the distributed ledger (DLT) will be constructed on the basis of Microsoft Azure and will correspond to the decree of the telecommunications regulator of India (TRAI). The regulator believes spam calls to be “the main hindrance for communication subscribers” in India.

Microsoft and Tech Mahindra started to plan the technology after a series of debates with TRAI and other stakeholders in this segment.

The new partnership expands Microsoft’s growing share of blockchain technology. Earlier this year, the software giant, in partnership with ID2020, developed a secure digital identification system. In 2016, Microsoft began a similar collaboration with Blockstack Labs and ConsenSys.



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