Microsoft Searches For Reliable Computer Technology For Improving Blockchain Security

According to the recent reports two patent applications from Microsoft suggest that the software giant is considering using the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in its blockchain offerings.

But what is the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)? According to information published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, TEE is specified to store a “pre-defined type of blockchain or other security protocol code in the “verification node. “”

With this kind of data, “TEE Certification” can check the participants in the system who have the relevant information contained in the node. A blockchain node is just a connection point that can receive, store, and send data to the network.

And how all this can be useful, is explained in two ways.

First, TEE can help in creating a  confidential consortium (COCO) blockchain structure”. Second, TEE can also help in checking blockchain transactions on a similar network, in which several pre-authorized entities should interact. For example, using this attestation process through programmed TEE again, some encrypted transactions on the network can be processed and confirmed “directly” into the official state of the block without the need for decryption.

In addition to these two cases, both applications also mention the TEE process in the context of the “Confidential Consortium (COCO) blockchain structure,” which potentially allows the use of more sophisticated verification systems that require the consensus of multiple test nodes.

Although these applications were submitted by the company’s licensing unit back in June of last year, Microsoft has since started offering blockchain applications through its Azure platform. This month, it was announced that Microsoft has updated the additional features of the product specifically for customers working with public lockers, such as Eterehum.


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