Metaverse Craze Launches New Virtual Space “Meta World”

A new game, consisting of “Metaverse”, is set to launch soon at its designated blockchain by the name “Meta World”. The game has been developed by a gaming company called “GensoKishi Online”. Like other Metaverse games, Meta World too will be accessible and played online only.

Since Metaverse has merged into blockchain technology, it has transformed into a craze. As of today, online gamers are not simply venturing into the virtual world with their players. Instead, they are buying lands and developing and designing them. Against purchase, the buyers are in fact paying real money in the shape of digital currency through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Within the past 10 days, virtual lands, comprising part of Metaverses, were put up for auction. The turnout of buyers was huge and they paid huge sums of money for buying virtual lands of their choice. For instance, The Sandbox was the best seller amongst other Metaverse projects as it single-handedly sold lands worth approximately US$ 98 Million. Following the footsteps of The Sandbox, Decentraland too had sold virtual lands for over US$ 60 Million.

It is said that the Metaverse industry is growing at a tremendous pace even leaving behind the NFT market as well.

Now there is yet another Metaverse called “Meta World” waiting for its launch at MATIC blockchain network.

Genokishi is an acclaimed Asian gaming company which had earned several awards in the gaming industry. In 2012, Genokishi won the Gold Award for “Best Game of the Year” which was played by more than 8 million gamers worldwide. The metaverse craze has become so huge that even financial institutions are gearing up to join the virtual world.

Genokishi’s Metaverse is out now and is sent live. The company behind the project has already thrown NFTs in the market for inviting interested buyers. For the purchase, the purchasers would have to use a native coin of the project which is “MV”. The only accepted mode of payment against any purchases is through MV only.

Ether coins have been dominating the Metaverse industry as they have been dominating the NFT market. Peoples’ choice of cryptocurrency i.e. SHIBA Inu coin, however, has been failing in capitalizing the two markets as it hasn’t yet joined Metaverse. But now an interest in joining Metaverse has been shown by the SHIBA Inu coin.

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