MENA Discussed Blockchain And Climate Action

MENA Climate Week speakers are discussing the changing regulations, technology evolution, collaboration, and awareness increase among the climate and blockchain community.

Speakers at the MENA Climate Week 2022 analyze how blockchain tech could promote green energy.

The event was hosted by Dubai Electric and Water Authorities, the Climate Change and Environment Ministry of UAE, and World Green Economic Organization also including many other institutions which work under the UN Environment Program and partners of renewable energy groups for exploring how they could contribute to climate action by using digital modernization.

In a session, climate and blockchain experts of the hybrid panel analyzed how to use blockchain cases for contributing to the green future of North Africa, the Middle East, and internationally.

The title of the session was “Transformative Climate Action via Digitalized Blockchain Technology”, presenting observations by well-known blockchain experts from the British Blockchain Frontier Technological Association Jane Thomason, Marwan Al Zarouni from Dubai Blockchain Centre, and Kristina LucreziaCornèr editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph.

The blockchain experts were joined by Sami Dimassi who was a climate advocate from the United Nations Environment Program, MassambaThioye from UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub, Tia Kansara from Replenish Earth, Miroslav Polzer from IAAI, Princess AbzeDjigma from Burkina Faso also a member of European Union and African Union Digital Economic Task Force and Ameera Al Haranki leader of youth climate action. Everyone shared their point of view and understanding about how blockchain could connect with climate action activities.

Dimassi emphasizes many actions in opening remarks that could connect blockchain technology to be used for climate actions. He pointed out the policy shift promotion to bring the evolution of technology to the climate sector and increase collaboration and awareness of the communities.

 As per Dimassi, due to many increasing climate issues around the globe today, it is important to encourage policies and regulations of the government that help people in adopting digital advancements like blockchain technologies. The director of the United Nations pointed out that blockchain is a neutral technology type and it depends upon the people how they use it. If used in the right way it could improve climate actions transparency and efficiency.

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