Marvel Rolls Out Its First-Ever NFT Digital Comic Books For Sale On VeVe

Marvel has launched its initial NFT, which comprises Digital comic rewards to be sold on VeVe. The company is celebrating a month of collaboration with VeVe as it is releasing comic books through NFTs. It has been announced by the media franchise of America that Marvel Entertainment is much enthusiastic about launching the initial NFTs of the classics of Marvel comics on 19th August after its successful and licensed launch of Captain America and Spider-Man-based digital collectibles through NFTs.

So far, VeVe has conducted two sales. The very first Marvel NFT featuring Spider-Man was release via VeVe only a couple of weeks back. A total of 60,500 NFTs were purchased in only 24 hours. In the previous week, the company launched another NFT series named Marvel Mightys, which was purchased within just 30 minutes.

Digital Comics-based NFTs of Marvel

The company is firstly issuing the assets based on digital comic books. During this week, collectors, as well as fans, can purchase completely readable digital comics of Marvel via VeVe. Similar to the previous NFT collections, there are five categories of comics in terms of rarity, proceeding between Common and Secret Rare. The sale of comic NFTs will continue till today as well as present three distinct readable classics offered by Marvel’s archives.

The very first comic book of Marvel named Marvel Comics #1 was released through VeVe on 19th August. The initial portrayals of the original Namor and Torch of Humans, as well as the Sub-Mariner, are contained in it. Another, named Journey into Mystery #85, was released on 20 August. This book contains the first portrayals of Asgard, Heimdall, and Loki. The third of them is entitled Fantastic Four #1, produced by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, showing the first portrayals of the beginning of the Marvel Age by the Fantastic Four.

The purchase of comic book-based NFTs by Marvel

The application of the Digital collectibles of VeVe is offered on both Android and iOS devices. The fans purchase and gather a multiplicity of NFTs, trade them and seek the rare or secret comic book-NFTs and collectibles. They are also capable of displaying their precious collection by means of completely modifiable virtual showrooms. Each of the comics was purchasable in five different covers in a format of blind box costing $6.99.

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