Major Universities Can Recieve  $50 Mln For Blockchain Research From Ripple

A cryptocurrency and payments start-up Ripple announced a $50 million financing to 17 universities all over the world, having a purpose to increase study in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments system.

Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative or UBRI is going to cooperate with worldwide universities including MIT, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Pennsylvania, in order to assist and overlock academic study, technical development and innovation.

CNBC reported that the initiative reflects a surge in demand for jobs related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As per the organization students and teaching staff internationally are becoming main depositors to the development of a more powerful and valuable blockchain and payments system.

The allocated 17 institutions will identify their own study topics and priorities. They will also cooperate with Ripple to join the research, to stimulate innovation of the blockchain and create new curriculum to explore the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other topics FinTech.

Ripple is also participating in MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab’s new FinTech initiative.

In Europe, UBRI helps Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the University of Luxembourg to build a new blockchain research program.



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