Major Cryptocurrencies Experience Noteworthy Gains in the Past 24-hours

For almost two weeks, the entire cryptocurrency sector had been facing a severe downtrend. It is to be noted that from the very beginning of the year 2022, the cryptocurrency sector hasn’t performed well.

However, as the prices of cryptocurrencies started gaining some weight, several major issues came in with full negative force to lower their prices.

Among the issues, the major issues the crypto-sector has faced include surge in the interest rates, then increase in the inflation rates, and then the huge crash caused by Terra.

Finally, after two weeks of constant plummets, the entire cryptocurrency sector has started to show signs of growth. The major cryptocurrencies have also experienced rallies that may play a key role in turning up the competition between the bulls and the bears.

The data provided below sheds light on the past 24-hour performances of all major cryptocurrencies.


Finally, for the Bitcoin investors, the winds have started below in the positive direction. Bitcoin’s price has finally managed to cross the $30k barrier that hadn’t been achieved for almost two weeks.

At the time of publication, you will find Bitcoin trading at $30,001.73 at most of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin has reportedly gained 2.28% weight in the past 24-hours and it is still showing signs of growth.

Despite being low, the market valuation of Bitcoin has also elevated by 2.28%. After the surge, the market valuation being realized for Bitcoin is worth $572,738,060,179.


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency asset in the entire crypto-verse by market valuation. It was also facing the same downward trend as any other major cryptocurrency when the rally started forming.

The recorded data shows Ethereum’s price has also moved a bit into the upward zone. It has reportedly experienced a 2.29% surge in the past 24-hours and at the time of writing, it trades at $2,018.17.

Ethereum also found it difficult to cross the $2k per ETH mark but now, it is over that. Its valuation has also slashed tremendously from its all-time high. In 2021, ETH had hit its all-time high and its valuation had climbed over $600 billion.

Now, as the report is being written, the overall valuation of Ethereum stands at $244,372,081,147. Ethereum’s valuation has also experienced a 2.29% elevation in a 24-hour time period.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is the third-largest cryptocurrency, which is now trading at $318.34 per BNB. It has also witnessed a 3.31% surge in a 24-hour window, and its valuation has also experienced the same surge. Now, Binance Coin’s valuation stands at a high of $52,089,473,286.

Binance is a cryptocurrency that was launched by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange “Binance Coin”. Among major cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin’s price has been performing really well.

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