MAINROW Review – Is MAINROW Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?



If you are looking for an online brokerage with which you can trade with confidence and peace of mind, look no further than MAINROW. This broker is one of the best brokerages that we have ever witnessed, and as we go along in our analysis and assessment of it, you will begin to see why. Simply put, MAINROW provides up-to-date information and useful trading tools and instruments to its respective clientele so that traders from all over the world who sign up with the broker can enjoy some of the most high-quality services and features. Read all about what this broker offers in our in-depth MAINROW review. Be sure to read till the very end in order to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of everything that MAINROW provides so that you may make an informed decision.

MAINROW online broker review

Trading platform

Firstly, we shall be discussing the trading platform. A trading platform may be defined as the software that is used for the purposes of actually executing all of the various different trades. So, having a good, diverse, and reliable trading platform is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing an online brokerage for yourself. A great trading platform will thus be one of the key reasons why you will ultimately pick an online brokerage for the foreseeable future through which you can dependably conduct your online trading activities. Picking a broker with such a trading platform, therefore, pretty much guarantees that you shall have a seamless and smooth trading experience. With that being said, if the trading platform does not possess the right instruments, tools, and is also quite difficult and complex to use, then you will find the overall trading journey to be one that is quite hard and needlessly complex. 

This is why MAINROW has chosen to develop its very own and unique trading platform, which basically means that you will be getting some truly high quality as well as top-of-the-line features and services that you might not be able to find anywhere else. You can also access this platform via virtually any device as the broker has readily enabled web-based trading. Additionally, you can also access it via your smartphone, tablet, laptops, personal computers, and any device that has a stable Internet connection. You will also not need to download anything or take part in any lengthy and complicated installation processes either if you want to use the trading platform.

When we hence make a thorough, in-depth comparison of all of the different trading platforms that are available nowadays by numerous online brokerages in this day and age, it becomes clear to see that a lot of these other choices tend to neglect the trading platform in favor of developing the other aspects instead. It, therefore, goes without saying that not every platform shall be created equally, and not all of these will be usable to the same extent, which means that you should ideally check out the trading platform of each individual online brokerage before you ultimately decide on which one is right for you.

As far as MAINROW may be concerned, however, it becomes apparent fairly early on that this is one of the best trading platforms that we have ever seen, as traders from all over the world regularly use it on a daily basis. This trading platform is also one that can be navigated through quite easily, and so having such a robust and easy-to-use trading platform is, of course, a very appealing factor to traders who are looking to get started with making more money as soon as possible. The fact that you do not have to download anything or take part in any lengthy installation process is also extremely beneficial. 

Furthermore, traders of all backgrounds, experience levels, and expertise can use this trading platform as MAINROW wishes to cater to everyone regardless of individual preferences and level of knowledge. With that being said, some of the main features of this broker’s trading platform involve flexibility, advanced charts, an innovative and intuitive user interface, and a highly professional appearance. Trading indicators, price alerts, market news, and much more are also readily available. We would thus strongly encourage you to check out the trading platform for yourself as it truly is one of the best platforms out there.

MAINROW trading platform

Asset index

Regarding the asset index of this broker and what kind of tradeable assets you will potentially be able to use, you should know that MAINROW offers a wide variety of tradable assets that you can work with. In the online trading industry, there are thousands upon thousands of different trading assets that you can find in varying categories. However, it is nevertheless important to choose a broker that focuses primarily on offering some of the best and the highest quality tradable assets to you. This is because although there are countless assets that you can trade within this industry, as far as online trading is concerned, there are many assets that may not give you the kind of returns that you may be expecting, and so investing in these may ultimately be an unwise decision. With that being said, however, no matter what you might be interested in, there is a very strong possibility that your choice of an asset within each broad category will be available when you choose to sign up with this broker.

To that end, some of the main categories of tradable assets that are provided to the traders by MAINROW involve forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and finally, indices. All of these are highly in-demand tradeable assets and are largely considered to be top-of-the-line assets to trade with on a regular basis. Traders from all over the world, therefore, routinely use these assets to carry out various different trading activities. You can thus diversify your portfolio to your heart’s content thanks to the asset index provided by this broker, which is a factor that should always be seriously considered prior to choose any broker as having a diversified portfolio not only reduces your chances of incurring substantial losses, but it simultaneously increases the likelihood of you earning more money because you will have invested in a wider array of tradable assets. Of course, you should also know that each asset type will have different requirements to use and will offer different returns depending on a number of varying factors, so it is always a good strategy to do your research on each asset type beforehand.


Next, let’s talk about the registration aspect of MAINROW. More often than not, a lot of other online brokerages make the process of signing up needlessly difficult, whereas it should be one of if not the most straightforward process associated with any online broker. With that in mind, MAINROW has made this process very simple as all you would have to do to go to the official website of this broker and navigate to the registration section via the ‘Sign Up’ icon. Once you are there, you will be required to input some information about yourself, which may include certain details such as your full name, a working email address, and your country of residence, along with a functional phone number. You would also normally be required to set a password, in which case we would advise you to use alphanumeric characters as these are known to be stronger in terms of encryption and are less likely to be exploited by anyone.

With that being said, after you have typed in everything, you will then be able to submit all of the information. Keep in mind, though, that MAINROW reserves the right to ask for any extra documentation or piece of information that it may deem relevant to your registration, as it usually does this on a case-by-case basis. Normally, this depends on the traders’ personal specific details, such as the country of residence and any other pre-existing historical data, which may require further verification or clarification. Still, with all of that being said, the entire registration process hardly takes more than five to ten minutes and can be done quite early on without facing any major complications for the most part. 

This is great as it allows the traders to get to the whole point of signing up with the broker much faster, namely to start trading and earning profits. Finally, please know that only traders who are over 18 years old may be able to sign up with MAINROW and use the broker’s services and features. You should also ideally ensure that you use the same account currency, which shall be routinely utilized for making withdrawals and deposits. Lastly, as far as we can tell, there do not appear to be any sort of hidden fees or unforeseen costs either as far as registration may be concerned.


Now, let’s talk about education. As is the case with any industry nowadays and not just online trading, there is a constant need to educate yourself on all the different topics, subjects, concepts, and terminologies within any given sector in order to consistently improve on it on a constant basis. The online trading sector is, therefore, no different, and you thus ideally need to pick a broker that offers such educational resources that you can routinely take advantage of on a regular basis which can vastly help improve your knowledge base, experience level, and over all expertise.

With that being said, MAINROW has created an ‘Education Center’ through which you can take advantage of such educational material, which is sure to be of great benefit to you and any other trader who may wish to take part in educating himself or herself. Some of the more useful educational materials that we found to be of great benefit to the traders hence involved a variety of eBooks which covered numerous different topics and were quite easy to read and get into as per our own observations. You can also find different articles and blogs, all of which are thoroughly checked for plagiarism and verified to make sure that all the information that is being presented to the traders is indeed correct and up to date. 

You can additionally partake in different webinars, which are always interesting as these provide you with the opportunity to network with different individuals in the online trading industry and potentially learn more than you would normally be able to as compared to reading through any given text or watching some video. This is because when you participate in these webinars, you will be learning from industry experts and professionals who have made it far in this business, and there is no teacher quite like that of hands-on experience.

Apart from all that, you can take advantage of various different courses as well as numerous training tutorials. You can even gain access to different kinds of market analysis. Finally, there will be a glossary that you can use to keep track of all the different definitions, concepts, and terminologies in one convenient place. When all is said and done, having such a diverse range of educational resources to help you along your trading journey is of the utmost significance, and it is great that MAINROW has acknowledged the importance of having such educational materials readily available. What’s more, is that most if not all of these aforementioned educational resources can be accessed for free upon registering with the broker.

Customer support

Finally, let’s talk about the customer support service of MAINROW. It is no secret that a lot of traders tend to face unexpected issues and unforeseen problems, which can be crippling if these are not dealt with swiftly and in an effective manner. To that end, a reliable customer support team is often needed to fix these issues quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the response time of such a customer support team is of the utmost significance as it will determine whether a broker is ultimately deemed to be a reliable one or if it is found to be lacking.

With that being said, though, we firmly believe that the customer support service of MAINROW is truly top-notch, and it readily offers some of the best response times that we have ever witnessed in this industry. Not only have many traders continuously expressed their satisfaction with the customer support service, but a large portion of these individuals have also said that if it wasn’t for the help provided by MAINROW’ customer support team, then there was a very real possibility of the entire trading experience being effectively ruined. There are hence a few ways through which you can get in touch with the broker’s highly trained team. 

You may make a direct call through the phone number that is available on the broker’s official website, or you may alternatively send out an email using an address that is also available on the same site. You can also schedule a call-back. Additionally, you can also fill out an online contact form (also available on the site under the ‘Contact’ tab), which will ask you for your full name, a working phone number, and email address, along with a brief message describing the issue that you may be facing.

The customer support team itself consists of highly trained individuals and market professionals as well as industry leaders who are perfectly capable of helping you out at a moment’s notice. This kind of assistance is often needed in this industry as the last thing that you would want is to be trading as normal and then encounter some kind of unexpected issue that may not be solved in time, and then your entire trading journey might be jeopardized.

Final verdict

Ultimately, we can safely conclude that MAINROW is a remarkable broker that has helped many traders already in terms of not only getting started with online trading but also increasing the returns on various respective investments. This broker also readily complies with all of the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies and rules, as well as uses the latest and most secure encryption software and technology to protect its clients and the funds of its traders. Your personal information will never be leaked to anyone, and your trading journey will be a secure one when you choose to sign up with this broker.

Furthermore, all of the functions, features, services and processes work very well. The abundance of useful trading tools can be used in conjunction with the highly innovative trading platform, and the strong asset index offers plenty of diversity and choice. The educational resources are great, useful, and come in handy more often than you might think. Lastly, the customer support service is phenomenal, and the response times are nothing short of fantastic.

All in all, MAINROW has to be one of the best online brokerages that we have ever had the distinct pleasure of coming across. We have reviewed many other brokers, but few are able to match the sheer quality provided by this broker. If you are interested in online trading at all, then you definitely need to consider MAINROW, and to that end, we would encourage you to go to the broker’s official website and check it out for yourself.

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