Lunar registry called Diana is launched

A new blockchain-based project has released a lunar registry called Diana.

The project launched on July 19. According to its white paper, the objective of Diana is “to decentralize ownership through group registration of citizens and an issuance of a Cosmic crypto currency to actualize the citizens’ movement for the Moon.”

A lunar registry aims to secure access to the moon as governments will more likely exploit space for its resources. It’s stated that the project is intended to clearly determine the possible society rights to the Moon, giving higher possibility of ownership disputes through joint registration.

White paper of the project also notes that the agreement doesn’t point out private ownership of the moon, enabling the exploitation of the celestial body. In some way, Diana will avoid the private ownership and theoretical exploitation of the resources of the moon by hegemonic actors by dividing and tokenizing the surface of the moon into 3.8 billion pieces.

Diana issues 2 ERC-20x and ERC-20 standard tokens: DIA registration token and MOND transaction token. DIA has the role of a certificate showing the state of registration. MOND is 1:1 with the US dollar as a transaction token. Total amount of tokens that will be issued is 3,874,204,892.

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