Livejasmin And PumaPay United For Cryptocurrency Payments

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Livejasmin And PumaPay United For Cryptocurrency Payments

LiveJasmin works with PumaPay to make PumaPay crypto-payment solution for all its websites, studios and affiliates.

LiveJasmin is an adult streaming website dedicated to quality in all its forms. On the other hand, PumaPay is a blockchain project that developed a payment infrastructure called the PullPayment Protocol.

The project allows periodic payments that were previously impossible with blockchains. Now users can pay for their subscriptions with cryptocurrencies and ensure their anonymity, while merchants can save on fees for card transactions and avoid chargebacks.

LiveJasmin has joined the PumaPay ecosystem, and among them are global brands such as Pornhub, Rent24, Vivid Entertainment and CCBill.

When it comes to payments, PumaPay seeks to regain control of their choices and transactions to customers, as they can cancel their subscriptions right from the PumaPay wallet app. In addition, the company’s goal is to make the PMA token a widely accepted method of payment and to meet the needs of merchants and customers.


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