Litecoin Summit 2019: Insights

Litecoin Summit 2019: Insights


At Litecoin Summit 2019, Bobby Lee, founder & CEO at Ballet and the brother of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, discussing the issue of making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, stressed two main obstacles that newcomers face: the difficulty of buying a cryptocurrency and complicated safekeeking. (source:

He noted that even if it’s already more than 10 years cryptocurrencies exist, it’s still difficult to purchase them.

Bobby Lee also introduced the revolutionary new Ballet wallet, which “is simple and elegant.” Describing the best wallet, he underlined several points. He noted the best wallet should be easy to use and safe for anyone at any age and with any background, without setup requirement. What’s more, it should have a multicurrency and multilingual support for global adoption and, of course, be inexpensive & reliable.

Real Litecoin Ballet

According to Lee, Ballet is the first multicurrency, non-electronic, physical wallet in the world. It’s 100% offline cold storage; “there is nothing to forget, nothing to remember.” This wallet is for everyone at any age and it’s safe as it is 100% offline.

Former congressmen Dr. Ron Paul has also spoken at Litecoin Summit, discussing competing currencies and monetary policy.

He mentioned that government has always controlled the money, taxed people and borrowed money for a long time, “causing worldwide financial crisis that we exist today”. He stated:

“I don’t like the idea of taxation.” “Taxation is theft! Separation of money and government. Your assets, your money, not government.”


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