Lightning Labs, one of the main developers of solutions based on Lightning Network scaling technology, has released the first desktop application for the main bitcoin network.

Previously, the desktop version of the wallet worked with the bitcoin test network, which is accessed by BTCs that do not have real value. The new version of the app is running on the main bitcoin network for the first time, so it can be used to send and receive real bitcoins. At the same time, wallet users can fully control their bitcoins.

An article in the blog devoted to the new application, which was created by developers Lightning Tankred Hase and Valentine Wallace said:

“The release of this app reaffirms our commitment to supporting the scaling of the principles that underpinned Bitcoin: privacy, security, and self-determination. To do this, we need to go beyond the usual solutions and guides for enthusiasts and provide each user with a great networking experience.”

There are other Lightning-enabled wallets that work with real bitcoin, including Bluewallet, Zap, and Zeus. But Lightning Labs, originally founded by the creators of Lightning technology, is arguably the largest company to release a technology-enabled app for the mainstream Bitcoin network. The application works on MacOS, Windows and Linux devices.

The developers noted that although the wallet works with the main network, at the same time, it is still intended for “advanced users” who want to try out the promising technology. The risk of losing funds still exists, because Lightning Network is still in the testing phase.

Another important part of the release is that the application uses Neutrino’s “light client” technology, which requires the storage of a much smaller amount of bitcoin blockchain data to authenticate transactions. Although there are other light customer technologies, Neutrino is considered to be one of the most excellent solutions. In 2017, Lightning Labs introduced a wallet for the Lightning Network with a graphical interface. In the future, Lightning Labs plans to release a version for mobile devices.

Last month, Lightning Labs released a solution to simplify accepting bitcoin payments, which will give Lightning Network users the ability to receive more BTC without having to open and close a new payment channel.


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