LGBT Activists Believe Blockchain Technologies Can Help Them Thrive

The damnation faced by several members of the LGBT community across the world, despite the legal backing of a few nations, continue to be increasingly high day after day. Technological innovations have always eluded the members of this community, as they have always needed to use private social media applications and websites to build relationships and marriages. However, with the development of Blockchain technology, many members and activists of the socially violated community are expectant that the Blockchain marriage and maybe an LGBT cryptocurrency will likely help them feel more comfortable in the world.

Blockchain-themed Famiee App allowing LGBT hookups and marriage

LGBT members in many countries have continued to advocate for equal right with other humans, as the massive criticisms and attack which most of them are subjected to, have been deemed unfair by the community. Like the LGBT community in Iran, many members of the community have been subjected to much abuse just because they use social media like every other human. The Cyber Police in Iran has continued to lure LGBT members via fake dating sites to arrest, torture, and detain them.

However, there is still some optimism that Blockchain technology will save them from this unfair human rights violation. While Iran is clamping against the LGBT, Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage in the Asian continent. The Tokyo-based Famiee Blockchain project initiated by LGBT activist- Koki Uchiyama in 2019 has since been helping LGBT people build a lasting relationship that may lead to a Blockchain-themed marriage.

Uchiyama admitted after an interview in 2016 that the pains and agony faced by LGBT people was one of the reasons he proposed the need to create a Blockchain-themed privacy application for them. LGBT couples have since begun to tie the knot via the application, ad they have been getting their marriage certificates.

LGBT token still facing legal issues

Despite the country not being an LGBT-friendly community yet, major corporations in Japan have accepted LGBT marriage certificates as proof of marriage. The data stored on the Famiee has a database in Blockchain technology, and married members can continue to renew their vows on the app. Alternatively, popular gay social network- Hornet launched the LGBT foundation in 2018 as a blockchain non-profit organization targetting LGBT people.

LGBT foundation is supposed to create more Blcockahain awareness in the LGBT community, helping the community members harness the potentials and power of the Blockchain technology. Shortly after launching, the LGBT foundation proposed the launch of an LGBT cryptocurrency- LGBT token.

The digital asset will allow the LBGT community members to trade, buy, sell and spend it like every other digital token. Unfortunately, three years after launching, the LGBT token has not been able to thrive due to legal issues, and anti-money laundering (AML) rules around issuing it. However, there is still a growing optimism around the Blockchain-LGBT relationship, as the LGBT community believes the Blockchain will help them thrive.

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