LegacyFX Review – Is LegacyFX Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

LegacyFX Review

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LegacyFX is a MetaTrader5 (MT5) broker that provides services for forex and CFD trading on gold, oil, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Its main goal is to enhance financial transparency and offer protected use to satisfy clients. This Legacy FX review will give you an idea of why it is trusted by traders worldwide.

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LegacyFX offers over 200 tools for online trading. Every trader wants their account and information secure and away from any potential scams. Due to its European position, Legacy FX is regulated with cross-border licenses, which means this broker is established according to the laws and is dedicated to having satisfied and protected customers. The traders’ investments are safe because of the segregated funds and their focus on regulations, standards, and principles.

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Leverage, commonly known as loans, can be given from broker to trader in order to trade through a multiplied volume that can raise gains. This broker’s leverage ratio is set to a standard level. The maximum level is set to a 1:30 ratio. But you should learn to use leverage smartly to prevent further risks. LegacyFX reviews show that customers are satisfied with their experience with leverage offers as there are regulatory restrictions set to allow a safe level of these leverages.

Various Account Options
LegacyFX also provides several account options to choose from when creating an account. You can make a demo account to see how it works, or even make an Islamic account that pays special attention to Islamic values and interest (riba). This broker has designed three types of accounts, i.e. silver, gold, and platinum which are chosen based on experience, Silver being for beginners and Premium being for professionals. But still, they consist of the same conditions and services.

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Moreover, one of the lowest dealer spreads in the market are offered by LegacyFX. There are no rollover fees, and the client’s funds are kept separate from the company’s funds. Even though it has a withdrawal wire transfer fee, the fee conditions are flexible. As for the deposits, digital deposits are fast and there are no deposit fees. The minimum deposit for a Silver account is 500$ but varies depending on the account type.


LegacyFX can process and confirm your withdrawal within 3 business days. As for the transfer fee, International policies may cause various jurisdictions to apply different rules; you will have to check the terms and conditions in detail with the broker and provider.
Furthermore, the software is user-friendly and there are versions available for mobiles, desktops, and web trading. The LegacyFX website supports various languages and charting tools to determine pricing. Trading can be done on any browser as long as there is an internet connection.  Its desktop platform provides broad functionality. LegacyFX is also accessible on iOS and Android for further convenience, and it offers more precise control over open positions.

Customer Care Service

LegacyFX is determined to keep its customers satisfied, which is why its support staff is available 24 hours. There are multiple ways to reach out to, them, e.g. through email, calling, or via a live chat. The team appreciates constructive criticism and to ensure further customer satisfaction, they are all fluent in English, Arabic, and Russian. The staff is always happy to answer any general or account-related questions to the best of their ability.

Educational Material

LegacyFX offers educational material like video lessons, eBooks, courses, webinars, and guides/tutorials along with daily, weekly and monthly market research.  The tutorials and courses are for every level, whether it is new traders or experienced traders. It also offers financial tools like economic calendars and calculators to help with trading.

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Final Words
Overall, LegacyFX is a broker that has a regulated trading environment along with security and transparency, it seems to be one of the most reliable broker services in the market. Its dedication to keeping customers satisfied proves how much its clients mean to them. But one of their best features is the wide range of educational material which continues to attract new traders.

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