Layer-1 PoW Protocol Kadena Unveils Its $100M Grant Program

A Layer-1-based proof-of-work protocol, Kadena, has launched its unique grant of $100 million. The project is included in Kadena Eco (a systematic endeavor to bring together funding, tech talent, and industry thinkers, to enhance the progress of the ecosystem of Kadena).

Kadena specifies $100M for blockchain advancement

A development network structured to power Web3’s adoption at the mainstream level, Kadena Eco targets at bringing swiftness to the adoption and development of significant applications through which people are benefited. The builder-focused blockchain of Kadena is leveraged by the network to permit the developers to make a combination of Web2 usability as well as Web3 innovation.

The entrepreneurs and founders pursuing to construct on Kadena or manufacture the rest of the network’s systematic elements will presently be capable of applying for its latest grand project. The venue has dedicated $100M for the project, for the provision of open-source, high-quality programs for DAOs, DeFi, Web3, and NFTs. The entirety of the applicants ought to have an intention to adopt the philosophy of Kadena by contributing product explainers, tutorials, and content in the entirety of relevant communities and relevant channels.

Kadena’s endeavors

In line with the general effectiveness in the ecosystem, team experience, minutes of qualifications, and technical strength, the grant applications’ evaluation will be carried out. As a result, substantial mentorship will be offered by Kadena Eco in partnerships, as well as noteworthy support. Led on the behalf of Francesco Melpignano – the CEO of Kadena ECO – the platform will expedite the advancement in blockchain by offering builders exclusive, scalable architecture as well as secure smart contracts.

The executive will operate in cooperation with the CEO and founder of Decasonic, Paul Hsu, to organize strategic, technical, and capital support for the programs. Kadena merges the blockchain technology’s operability with internet accessibility as well as utilization every day, turning it into an effective venue for builders to develop their programs, as stated by Melpignano. He added that they collaborate with builders and developers to initiate their programs and support them as is required for future launches.

In his words, they have the infrastructure and resources to develop a sustainable and multi-generational ecosystem and the present time is suitable in this respect. The grant project of Kadena will take into account diverse exclusive but interlinked elements.

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